The New Year’s Eve dinner competition of 6 families, with hot and cold meat and vegetable collocation, beautiful color and smell, have your own sumptuous?

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The year of tiger, tiger tiger, with the passage of time, the date also came to the fifth day of the first month, the New Year is still continuing, the atmosphere is still grand, visit relatives and friends, eat and drink, no work troubles, the mood is also very happy, New Year’s Eve night, still remember how to spend it?My family prepared a big table full of dishes, the whole family is happy, talking and laughing, and took pictures specially to share with family and friends on wechat moments. For this purpose, today we summarized the New Year’s Eve dinner of 6 friends, with beautiful color, delicious smell, meat and vegetable collocation, each one is more abundant than the last one, let’s have a big competition, which one do you like best?First cousin working in the field of IT in the outside, a six in Shanghai, there are several years back, over the years work moved to hangzhou, treatment also promoted two times, linear increase living standards, the year of the tiger family reunion dinner, nature also not careless, food is very rich, there are Buddha jumps over the wall, sushi, sashimi platter, steamed roast king crab, shrimp, plum tomatoes, fruit platter, roast chicken wings,A few cold dishes are missing, but it’s ok, not too greasy, a bit middle-of-the-road, not very down to earth.Second home uncles home brother, husband and wife are both teachers, because had the children, their hometown the weather is cold, also did not come back, is New Year’s day, the old man received this city busy all day, ready to dinner, it is quite big, king crab, shrimp, shrimp, crab, qinglong lantern steamed bread fish, pig’s feet, garlic abalone, dry beef ribs Fried oysters, crisp sweet, cold,Seafood is in the majority, very suitable for family dinner, color and fragrance control is very good, like a restaurant banquet, the heart.Third classmate back in urumqi, a family of eight family reunion dinner, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law together to battle, has been busy all afternoon, dishes to grounding gas, a platter, barbecue, cold dish, and fruit, pot stewed chicken feet, pig feet, pig tail, sausages, sausages, steamed fish, small good harvest grains, crisp flesh, from the point of braised food, this table is suitable for wine,Even the bones are crisp. The more I drink, the better.The fourth family’s New Year’s Eve dinner was also colorful. Thirteen people gathered together, some old and some young. The New Year’s Eve dinner naturally took care of everyone’s taste, including meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, dessert dishes, white wine and red wine, everything.Stir-fried beef, Orang grilled wings, marinated pork trotters, steamed fish, crab, marinated egg, elbow, braised pork, mutton, bamboo shoot slices, golden fried cake, bean paste, dumplings, sliced chicken, dragon fruit, longan, with meat and vegetables, nutritious and delicious, looking at people’s appetite.Fifth neighbor’s family reunion dinner, contracted and not simple, may be due to the influence of light, dishes look not beautiful, but the theory of taste, is really delicious, have beef balls, braised lamb, braised food cold spell, salt baked chicken, steamed fish, rice pudding, cucumber, boiled asparagus, sauce pig’s knuckles, hard food is so many, double open her, after the tapestried molar tooth, besides meat to satisfy,I prefer this kind of New Year’s Eve dinner, with lots of meat and vegetables.Sixth house home family reunion dinner, simple, is to the taste of cast, due to the problem of light, shot is not beautiful, have qianlong cabbage, stewed fish, sauce pig’s feet braised prawns, Chinese rice pudding, mapo tofu, hand tore roast chicken, rich tree (broccoli), with cold dishes, hot food, hun vegetable collocation, cast not too can eat spicy, so only prepared a hot dish,Accompanied the elders to drink a few small wine, staple food to eat dumplings, while eating while watching the party, is very happy.The New Year’s Eve dinner is not the more abundant the better, but the family has come back, the kind of atmosphere makes people very happy, all the troubles disappear into thin air, put it behind you, to sun your family’s New Year’s Eve dinner.Unauthorized, plagiarism is prohibited, discovery will be prosecuted, I am a food recipe, love food, daily update of home cooking and pasta practices, pay attention to my daily learning cooking, always give you a surprise.