In case of | “shopkeeper” of cutting and eventually punished

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“The failure to supervise a subordinate was the most serious offence in my career, which fully demonstrates my gross negligence…”Hangzhou Gongshu district security services Group Co., LTD., the former general manager of Zhang Weida reflection.Once the people’s police, the head of the state-owned enterprise later, because why so far?From 2020 to 2021, nine people in Gongshu Security Company have been sentenced for corruption, from the company’s deputy general manager to the financial director, from the security team leader to the team leader, all levels of cadres violating discipline and law.In as long as seven years, the company’s deputy general manager Ren Hua together with the team leader Zu Daohua to take false security personnel list, false attendance and other forms of a total of 23.94 million yuan out of public funds, Zhang Weida unexpectedly “unaware”, until April 2019, Ren Hua was reported, Zhang Weida also just called him to ask “there is no problem”.The company’s original financial director Mei Sheng and to Hangzhou a property security team leader Chen some “loan” 290,000 yuan, was the discipline inspection commission after the conversation, Zhang Weida is just understated, “borrowed money to pay interest, did not pay to pay people, if you do not want to borrow, back to people.”His “loose and soft” subordinates can be seen.In addition, during zhang Weida’s tenure, the rules and regulations of Gongshu Security Company were “shelved”, the approval process was “armchair”, and the “general manager with a pen” financial system was in vain.As Zhang Weida frankly said: “I did not do every clear situation, many are listening to the following report, roughly understand…I didn’t check. I just signed it.”In addition to violating political discipline and failing to fulfill the main responsibility of comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline, Zhang Weida also received consumption cards that may affect the impartial execution of official duties and issued subsidies in violation of rules.In December 2021, Zhang was suspended from the Party for two years and his income was confiscated.After the incident, the superior unit of Gongshu Security Company district Investment Development Co., Ltd. revised the company’s financial management system, improved the working process of salary signing and payment, outsourcing business management and so on, fully implemented the digitalization of financial management and business contract management, and did the “second half of the article” of the case.Power requires responsibility and responsibility requires responsibility.The relevant person in charge of the district commission for Discipline inspection pointed out that leading cadres should have unshirkable responsibility for the education and guidance of subordinates, and should manage the team well and lead the team well, and put out the “flame” of the violation of law and discipline in time.Source: central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervisory Commission website