Gac Mitsubishi new strength dazzle ASX maintenance knowledge!

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Gac Mitsubishi new strength dazzle ASX maintenance knowledge!The maintenance of your car is not just a whim to go to the beauty shop, the maintenance of the daily car process is very important, many little driving will inadvertently cause damage to the car.Of course, these small actions to the car damage is the process of accumulation, a driving small action may cause subtle damage to some parts of the car, accumulated over a long period of time, will accelerate the wear and tear of parts, shorten the service life.Industry insiders suggest that the main car on the daily maintenance of the car must be correct.Disorderly press the switch affect the electrical system sometimes, the owner will have some subconscious action, such as, the window glass has clearly lifted to the end, the owner also continue to press the lift switch;The wiper has bottomed out, has not been able to spray water, the owner still do not give up, continue to press the water switch, hoping to squeeze out a little water.These behaviors will seriously affect the service life of the electrical system, or even burn on the spot.Idle taxi owners, especially taxi drivers, like to idle taxi. Although there are hidden dangers of Quan, many people are used to doing so because of fuel saving.And for automatic blocking car, neutral sliding is more harm and no benefit.Now the family cars are basically electric injection engine, engine speed above 1000 RPM loose throttle, the engine will automatically stop feeding.If your car has an instant fuel meter, you can clearly see that your fuel consumption is zero.And automatic neutral sliding due to different driving speed and engine speed, easy to appear insufficient oil pressure in the hydraulic pipeline of the gearbox, will increase friction, damage the friction plate inside the automatic gearbox, ultimately lead to gearbox failure.We all know that manual transmission car, clutch does not step on the end of the forced transmission will damage.Automatic car in half step on the brake, brake light on, can push the gear into P gear.If the brakes are not crushed and the car is pushed straight into P-gear to stall, the vehicle will move a little, which will also cause a shock to the gears.Kill the direction will destroy the direction of the machine just learn to drive, moving storage in a hurry, are killed the direction of the vehicle to slowly release the clutch.In fact, often kill the steering wheel will have a loss of the direction of the car booster pump, over a long period of time will aggravate the aging of the booster pump belt, the failure of the booster pump, has an impact on the direction machine.If you have to kill the direction, the correct way is to kill the direction immediately back to a point, you can avoid damage to the direction machine.Good start engine Zui easy injury with air conditioning for a minute or two before stall turn off air conditioning, so, in addition to the dry air conditioning outlet, prevent air conditioning breed fine within jun, more important, if not pass air conditioning is shut down, the next vehicle starts up, start a chance with the air conditioning load, easy to cause damage to the engine.The correct approach is to start the vehicle for two or three minutes, after the engine is lubricated, and then turn on the air conditioning.In addition, when the traffic jam, etc., the first time the pilot in idle state, it is best to turn off the air conditioning for a while, can reduce the burden of the engine, but also effectively save fuel.