Yellow blizzard alert!Hubei’s emergency response has been upgraded

2022-06-23 0 By

Is it snowing where you are?From yesterday (25th) to today, many places in Hubei have been snowing white snow, especially beautiful!Let’s see the snow together!Xiangyang, Hubei (Video from Internet)Hubei shiyan (video from the network), jingzhou city, hubei province (video) is derived from the network in hubei enshi (video from network) hubei shennongjia (video from network) (video from network) hubei yichang in hubei province meteorological disaster emergency response (blizzard) from the level IV promoted to level III according to “the hubei province meteorological disaster emergency plan” relevant provision,Hubei provincial meteorological disaster emergency headquarters decided to upgrade the meteorological disaster (snowstorm) level IV to level III from 10 o ‘clock on January 26.At present, shiyan, Xiangyang, Shennongjia, Enshi, Yichang, western Jingmen, northern Suizhou has snow, it is expected that the night of 26th to 29th, hubei province from the west to the east gradually strengthened snow, most areas will have a big snowstorm, local big snowstorm.The heavy snowfall center was mainly located in central and western Hubei province from Oct. 26 to 27, and in eastern Hubei province from Oct. 28 to 29.The depth of snow is usually 5 to 15 cm, and locally up to 20 cm.The provincial meteorological Disaster Emergency Response Headquarters required all member units to strictly implement the “Hubei Province Meteorological Disaster Emergency Plan”, strengthen the duty, earnestly perform their duties, and carry out emergency response work.The central meteorological Observatory in Wuhan issued a yellow warning for heavy snowfall at 11:32 am On Monday.It is expected that from the evening of 26th to 27th, snowfall will gradually strengthen in central and western Hubei Province. Shiyan, Xiangyang, Shennongjia, Yichang, Enshi High Mountain area, Jingmen, Suizhou and western Jingzhou will have heavy snowfall and local heavy snowfall, with snowfall of 10-20mm and local snowfall of 25mm. Please take precautions.According to the official website of the Hubei Meteorological Bureau, snow will mainly fall in the central and western parts of Hubei province from Friday to Sunday.In terms of temperature, the highest temperature in the last three days was 0 ~ 4℃ in northwest Hubei, 3 ~ 7℃ in other areas, and the lowest temperature was -2 ~ 1℃ in northwest Hubei, and 1 ~ 4℃ in other areas.From 28th to 29th, the snowfall area will expand eastward and cover the whole province. There will be heavy snowfall in the east of Jianghan Plain, northeast hubei and southeast Hubei, and heavy snowfall in some areas, and heavy snow in other areas.Affected by low temperature rain and snow, southwest Hubei, Jianghan plain accompanied by freezing rain weather.The average temperature in most parts of the province will drop below 4℃. The extreme minimum temperature in the morning of 30-31 will be -7 ~ -4℃ in the north and -4 ~ -1℃ in the south.Source: Hubei Weather