The US media used the Beijing Winter Olympics to sow discord. Did they really think China and Russia would fall for it?

2022-06-23 0 By

Although in bid farewell to trump the United States, people have high hopes of the democratic parties represent biden, expect him to improve relations with China, jointly promote the cooperation of the two power and progress, but has biden subsequent performance, in his office more than a year, compared to the attention of the country’s various affairs, biden apparently attach more importance to how to “against China”.For example, when Putin visited China on the occasion of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the American media, which has been under the guidance of the US government, fabricated a ridiculous lie.Bloomberg reported that China warned Russia not to use force against Ukraine during the Games because it feared it would “draw the attention of the world.”Russian media quoted the report and called it a “complete spectacle”.In western eyes, the russians have a traditional custom, is bound to stage “trouble” in international sports events, such as during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Russia’s war with Georgia, and in just 10 days will be over the dispute, so in the present under the background of an increasingly tense relationship between Russia and Ukraine, the west still believe,Russia will do it during the Beijing Olympics.Russian media pointed out that it was the western media deliberately alienating trick, they tried to between the two parties “sow the seeds of doubt and hatred”, after all, for the western countries, Russia of the two countries go more and more close, their threat is gradually increasing, therefore, they always need to “alienation and expand the contradiction and cracks of two countries”.However, both China and Russia have long been aware of the west’s gamesmanship, so to the surprise of the Western media, China and Russia have clarified the matter.The Russian foreign ministry referred to this as a “special information operation” carried out by the US media.The Chinese side also said that the US media reports are completely inconsistent with the facts and are a slander and provocation to China and Russia.In fact, this is not the first time that the Western media has used such a divisive tactic, as Biden also tried to “drive a wedge” between the two countries when Putin met with Biden in June last year.China shares thousands of miles of border with Russia, Mr. Biden said, but Russia had been “squeezed” by China as it sought to become the world’s largest economy and command a strong military.However, in the face of the US “reminder” of ulterior motives, Russia still firmly responded that China is a friend rather than a threat to Russia, even if China’s economic size is gradually surpassing that of the US, But Russia will not worry about it.Some references: China News network, China Youth network, National Defense Times