Japan swept the men’s and women’s singles at the figure skating World Championships

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The 2022 World Figure skating Championships ended on Sunday in Montpellier, France.The absence of China, Russia and new Olympic singles champion Chen Wei of Chinese descent and Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan has made the games less fun to watch and compete.Hanori Sakamoto of Japan compeates in the women’s singles final on Sunday.(Photo credit:China News Service and Xinhua News Agency reported that in the women’s singles competition, the powerful Russian women’s singles players were missing. Hanori Sakamoto of Japan, the bronze medalist of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, finally realized her dream and won a new career best score of 236.09 points to win the top podium for the first time.After MAO Asada won the gold medal at the 2014 World Championships, Japan won the women’s singles world title.Hendricks of Belgium took silver and Mei-hsien Liu of the United States took bronze.”This gold medal means a lot to me. I’ve had a very difficult month, but that’s the kind of experience you can only have at the Winter Olympics and the World Championships. I’m very happy that I overcame those difficulties and finally came here.”Sakamoto said.The standard of the games was awkward compared to the games that just ended.Although Sakamoto’s score was a personal high, it was still a long way from the Russian who broke through the 250 mark, while Hendricks scored 217.7 points and Yoo mi-hyun 211.19.Without Chen Wei, Yuzuru Hanyu and other world-class stars, the men’s singles competition is also insufficient.Two-time Winter Olympic medalist Masimo Uno of Japan claimed his first world championship podium after setting new records in the short program, free skate and total points.Beijing Olympic silver medalist Yuzhen Keiyama was second, while Zhou Zhifang of the United States took bronze.Masimo Uno of Japan competes at the medal ceremony of men’s singles skating on May 26.Masimo Uno said his final free skate of the season included a lot of difficult moves.Knowing at the beginning of the season that free skating is a big challenge, I might not be able to do it all myself.But I’ve come a long way this year than I thought I would.Masimo Uno says he’s not quite sure what kind of figure skater he wants to be, but Chen Wei of the United States is his ideal athlete look.”His programming is very difficult, but he has been very consistent in the last four years and if any other contestant can do that, I hope I can do it.I also want to try new things and grow as a skater.””Mr. Uno said.In the absence of the top five finishers at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Conim and Fraser of the United States scored 221.09 points to become the first American pair to win a world title in pairs since 1979.Japan’s Yuri Miura and Ryuichi Kihara, who finished seventh in Beijing, made several errors in the free skate but still finished second with 199.55 points.Canada’s James/Radford finished third with a total of 197.32.Except for the Americans, none of the other pairs broke the 200-point threshold, indicating a low level of overall performance.American pair Kneem and Fraser competed in the pairs free skating competition on July 24.The only competitive event is ice dance.French duo Papadagis and Ceszeron, Olympic gold medallist in Beijing, set a new world record in rhythm and a new career high in free dance to win the world Championship.Huber and Donoghue of the United States, bronze medalist of the Beijing Winter Olympics, continued their excellent performance in technique, grading and execution bonus points. Their gliding skills and artistic performance were also excellent, second only to The French pair, with 89.71 points in rhythm dance, while jock and Betts of the United States ranked third with 87.51 points.In the free dance, there was no change in the top three positions. Papadagis/Sizeron set a new free dance scoring record with 137.09 points and won gold with 229.82 points. Huber/Donohue of the United States took silver with 222.39 points, and Jock/Betts of the United States took bronze with 216.83 points.That brings the 2022 World Championships to a close, bringing the season’s most important international events to a close.In the absence of China and Russia, Japan won the men’s and women’s singles at the World Championships, making it the biggest winner.The U.S. skated to victory in pairs and won MEDALS in three other events.(after)