You can always trust Huaibei!Believe huaibei people!

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“Out of the pot!On Feb. 12, zhang Ying, the director of Linhuan Jiang Sauce Factory in Suixi County, poured the first pot of New Year’s beef sauce, which had been cooked for more than three hours, into the hopper with a trill voice.As the heat rises and the spicy joes smell, workers in the sauce-making workshop applaud merrily.Looking at the restart of the beef sauce production line, Zhang Ying burst into tears and her lips moved: “When I was in trouble and struggling, it was you media who gave me the strength to stand up. It was the media reports that gathered the support of caring people from all walks of life. Only then could this century-old company get out of trouble…”Formerly known as Yuanchangzhai, sui Xi Linhuan Jiangjia Sauce Factory was founded in 1857 during the Reign of Xianfeng, with a history of more than 160 years.With the efforts of several generations, the products of this factory are becoming more and more perfect, and it has become the leader in Suixi County and even the northern Anhui province in the pickle field.In November 2021, The “Linhuan beef sauce” produced by Linhuan Jiang Sauce Factory was rated as the double honor of hand ceremony in Anhui and Yangtze River Delta region.On January 15, huaibei city media center reporter suddenly received linhuan Jiangjia sauce factory director Zhang Ying for help: affected by the epidemic, the factory production of 120 tons of linhuan beef sauce worth 5 million yuan is unsalable, employees pay and fund recovery become a big problem.It turned out that 400,000 bottles of Radian-exchange beef sauce that were supposed to have been exported had been stored in warehouses since July last year because of the pandemic, and had a shelf life of only one year because there was no preservative added.”Five million sloppy joes can’t be sold, workshops stop production, 58 workers are in arrears and the company is facing bankruptcy…”Century-old brand was immersed in despair, a variety of pressures let Zhang Ying on the verge of collapse.Since January 17, the city media center general mobilization, has been released through huaibei, Huaibei Daily, live huaibei column, douyin number and other ways to linhuan Jiang home sauce factory beef sauce unsalable status of the report and propaganda, just a few days received the attention of all walks of life and the majority of caring people.”We would like to thank our media friends for their support to our company.I am confident that with the help of you and caring people from all walks of life, our company will survive this severe winter…”On January 18, Zhang Ying sent a message of thanks through wechat.On the evening of January 21, the city media center used the cloud to enjoy the joy of buying live platform, for the linhuan Jiangjia sauce factory held a public welfare live with goods.In the live broadcast room, cloud enjoy the joy of the host Snow chun and Zhang Ying together, to the majority of users introduced the origin of the sauce factory, as well as the enterprise is now facing the dilemma……Enthusiastic netizens have left messages on the live streaming platform, expressing their support for local enterprises in Huaibei and the century-old brand in Huaibei.The public welfare live with goods, sales of linhuan beef sauce nearly 20,000 bottles.On the morning of January 24, Zhang Xiange, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and president of the Municipal Charity Association, went to Linhuan Jiangjia Sauce Factory in Suixi County with the caring entrepreneurs in the light snow to understand and help the enterprises.”The city charity association from the news reports to understand the situation, the first time in the city charity network released the news, calling for love entrepreneurs active action, dedication of love, help Linhuan Jiang sauce factory to ease sales pressure.””Ms. Chang said.On the same day, Yao Yong, chairman of Anhui Shunda Group, Wu Yiwen, general manager of Daxie Energy Company of Mining Group, Huang Shiyong, secretary-general of Municipal Construction Industry Association, Tan Xiurong, chairman of Anhui Zhongrui Agricultural and Sideline Products Company and other entrepreneurs have placed orders for 20,000 yuan of beef paste.”We buy part of it, give benefits to our employees, and at the same time, put sloppy Joe on the platform to buy vegetables in China and try our best as a company to help them digest inventory.””Tan said.Municipal bureau of culture, tourism and Sports also through the benefit of cultural consumption of the “wisdom tour huaibei” platform, subsidies of 30 thousand yuan for linhuan beef sauce power.Suixi County Committee and government held an emergency meeting on the issue, and sui Xi county bureaux, towns and suixi units responded with help and bought beef paste as welfare to give to the workers.At 7:00 am on January 25th, Zhang Ying told reporters on the phone happily that Anhui Yingke Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. understood the plight of the enterprise and bought more than 50,000 bottles of beef sauce.”Liu Fangyi, chairman of Anhui Yingke Medical Supplies Co., LTD., also specially arranged financial staff to pay more than 500,000 yuan in advance for emergency relief…”Deep in winter, warm in love.On the eve of the Spring Festival, 120 tons of unmarketable “Linhuan beef sauce” were sold out.Money back, eight months of back pay…Century-old brand finally out of trouble, to welcome spring.”Every day during the Spring Festival, people came from other places and from the city to buy beef sauce at the shop in Linhuan Street.They do not bargain, do not discount, hundreds, thousands, even thousands of pickles to buy and go.I cried every day those days, tears of gratitude and joy…”With that, Zhang Ying’s tears fell uncontrollably again.After the Spring Festival, face huan Jiang home sauce tastes factory to receive order in succession again.On February 10, Zhang Recalled the workers who had been on leave to prepare for production and urgently purchased high-quality beef for processing and cooking.”Today, watching the first pot of sloppy joes rolling in the pan made my heart swell.”Zhang Ying’s voice choked, thousands of words into four words: thanks, Thanksgiving!”In the future, we will not only repay the love and support of people from all walks of life with first-class products and services, but also give part of our profits to the society every year to help others.”At this point, Zhang Ying’s words are sonorous and powerful.Huaibei is a city of civilization, a city of good people, you can always believe in the kindness of people here, you can always believe in Huaibei Huaibei Media Center, all-media reporter Xu Zhiqin, intern Sun Yifei photography