The Ford EVOS, the “king of appearance levels” for mid-size SUVs, is better looking than the BMW X3 and has a 25.98W top

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The popularity of suVs in Korea has weakened the car market.Joint ventures such as The Qi Jun, Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Tanyue have achieved good results in the domestic market.Besides them, the midsize SUV is the “king of looks”, which is better looking than the BMW X3, and the 25.98W Ford EVOS is also doing well in the market.This Ford EVOS is very strong in terms of product strength.Therefore, after being listed, it became popular in China and became ford’s popular model.And it’s powerful in many ways that you probably don’t know.But LET me tell you about this car.In terms of appearance level, the new car has a very stylish personality.The front face uses octagonal air intake grille, the interior also uses armor scale design, looks very handsome, better than BMW X3.In addition, the LED running light and the split large light set make the whole front face look more dynamic.The modelling design of the side of the body is also very good, the new car adopts the body modelling of the slip back type, coupled with the hidden handle and the large size of the wheel hub, making the whole car looks very fashionable personality, catering to the aesthetic taste of young consumers.Of course, the modelling design of the tail is also good, using the LED taillight through the type, supplemented by the decoration of spoiler, sports temperament is reflected incisively and vividly.Entering the interior, the feeling of the new car is very simple and atmospheric.The central control part adopts a triple screen design, giving it a strong sense of science and technology.In addition, masts for workmanship are very fastidious, and soft materials are used for packaging.And the interior of the red trim ornament, to a certain extent active interior atmosphere.The interior space of the new car is better, the wheelbase reaches 2945mm, the length, width and height of the body is 4920×1920×1600mm, and the wheelbase of nearly 3 meters makes the rear row space very spacious.Not only that, the power aspect does not disappoint the Chinese, provides the high power 2.0t four-cylinder engine, the maximum power is 238 horsepower, 100km acceleration 6.6 seconds, 100km fuel consumption 7.5L, fast speed and fuel saving.Summary: Standing in the consumer’s point of view anyway, Ford EVOS in the domestic guide price of 199,800 to 259,800 yuan is very close to the people.Moreover, the whole vehicle gives a person the breath of science and technology is very strong.Therefore, the premium sense is much stronger than other models.Therefore, it is in line with the current demand of young domestic consumers to buy cars.What do you think of the Ford EVOS?