Mofei portable juicer, fresh juice anytime, anywhere, two-in-one function drink a “summer”

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The hot summer is just around the corner, and the sweltering heat of the afternoon makes you drowsy.A cup of refreshing and delicious fruit juice can replenish energy for the body in time, and also help us to restore full mental state.Most fruit juice drinks on the market contain additives, pigments and high sugar content. Long-term drinking will not only bring a certain burden to the body, but even lead to obesity and excessive body fat rate.Especially for the three high population and diabetes patients, processed fruit juice drinks will bring more serious hidden dangers to health.In order to solve the concerns of consumers, mofei, a global creative small household appliance brand, entered the market with a new portable juicer, a cup with a double cover, open juicer & AMP;Water refill dual-mode.It can not only meet consumers’ needs to taste healthy and nutritious fresh fruit juice anytime and anywhere, but also avoid health risks caused by non-natural substances such as pigment, essence and sugar substitute. After switching the straight drink lid, it can have a “mobile small reservoir”, with a large capacity of 1L, which can fully meet the daily drinking demand.Once listed, it quickly becomes a favorite of many fashionistas, fitness enthusiasts and office workers.Mofei portable juicer fresh fruit cup lid, the use of storage wireless fresh pressing, USB charging interface design, can use a variety of charging methods, computer, mobile power supply, car can be fully charged at any time, not limited by the socket, no need to worry about the lack of electricity and “strike”.A full charge can be 10 cups of juice, outdoor camping and picnic with convenient wireless design, you can enjoy the fresh juice given by the refreshing enjoyment.The lid is built with fine steel knife head, double knife three-dimensional surround cutting, 18500 RPM high speed rotation, only 40 seconds can be squeezed export delicate, healthy juice.Baby food supplements, fruit shakes, weight loss meal replacements, vegetable juices, and even seasonings can be easily completed to unlock a variety of healthy fruit and vegetable dishes.Daily cleaning only need to put water in the cup, double click to start the cleaning mode, can realize 360° waterspout without dead Angle self-cleaning.Easy to operate, easy to clean, specially tailored for lazy juicing “magic”!When the lid is replaced, the Mofly Portable juicer can be instantly switched to the free drinking mode.1000ml large capacity design, no need to frequently receive water, one cup with you, drink all day long.You can also brew all kinds of scented tea in the cup according to your own preferences. It is colorful and tasty, and drinking water every day is not the same.It can be used for business trips, sports and fitness, outdoor camping, rest at home, and work breaks. It is not restricted by region, and can replenish “water energy” for you at any time.In order to create both cool feeling and trend of the new way of life, Mofei for the new injection of simple, atmospheric design concept.Four fashion colors of light luxury blue, vibrant orange, florescent pink, with the same color of the double lid, hold your own fashion halo.Tritan maternal-baby grade material, in line with national safety standards, does not contain bisphenol A, the environmental health will be carried out to the end, let every bite of peace of mind.The design of concave and convex grain grinding texture on the handle makes the hand more comfortable.With lanyard, can be carried, the net weight is moderate, so that carrying more convenient, more free.The lid also features a safety latch that can be easily opened and closed with one hand.Mofei portable juicer, 2 in 1 “juicer &The dual-mode design of water replenishment accords with modern people’s demands for diversified life.In hot summer, mofei portable juicer can store water with large capacity, which can replenish water energy for you at any time.Switch to the juicing mode, mofei portable juicing bucket can “transform” into juice nutrition cup, fresh squeezed all kinds of delicious, healthy and nutritious juice in 40 seconds, drink fresh squeezed juice at any time, let the monotonous life become colorful.Multi-function, high appearance level, convenient design, two-in-one function, let mofei portable juicer, for you to open a free, healthy summer!