Xunxi community carried out epidemic prevention and control and anti-fraud APP publicity activities

2022-06-21 0 By

According to the higher authority about the epidemic prevention and control and the cloud p APP will work deployment, combined with the current complex very serious epidemic prevention and control of the situation, recently, in the seven jurisdiction volunteers invertors west lake street community organizations, a new era in invertors west community civilization practice standing in epidemic prevention and control in an all-round way and “cloud will police” national center APP download campaign against fraud.”Aunt, the situation is complicated and severe recently. You should remember to wear masks and wash your hands frequently when you go out. If you haven’t received the third booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine, you should remember to go to the hospital to get vaccinated in time.””Hello, this is our Fire Eye Cloud Police national anti-fraud center APP, there are a lot of anti-fraud knowledge…”These words were repeated hundreds of times a day by volunteers in the campaign.The staff and volunteers of the community assistance units in western Xun stick to the checkpoints in each community under the jurisdiction, carry out code scanning, temperature measurement and registration measures for residents in and out of Xun, and accurately track the people coming (returning) from medium and high-risk areas in Xun by checking health code and travel code door by door, and timely register and report.Community staff issued a “letter” to residents to publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and actively publicized the fire Eye cloud alarm to residents. They recommended residents to download and install the APP of Fire Eye Cloud Alarm “National Anti-fraud Center”, and introduced the application method of the APP in detail.In this publicity activity, the community hung 6 banners of epidemic prevention and control at the intersection or community with large human flow, and distributed more than 180 leaflets of epidemic prevention and control and telecom fraud, which not only strengthened the publicity of epidemic prevention and control, but also accelerated the installation of the APP of “Fire Eye Cloud Alarm” national anti-fraud center.Many residents contend for the role of “salesman”, to the surrounding friends, relatives to promote the download of fire eye cloud police installation of the national anti-fraud center APP, to create a strong atmosphere of epidemic prevention and fraud prevention.(lily)