Under the “double reduction”, the first and second grade homework will be eliminated, what about new problems?

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Guide language: from the past to the present, a lot of people feel that, if still in the reading stage of the people, are very happy.Because at this time, people only need to do well in their studies, there is no unnecessary trouble.However, after careful observation, it will be found that many students from the time of primary school, the inner pressure is very big.At the same time, the school curriculum is often very full.Students have to carry very heavy schoolbags every day, which is not conducive to the growth of children in the growth stage.In order to help children, the education department should ease their pressure on study appropriately.The “double reduction policy” and “5+2” after-school tutoring model have been introduced.The move by education authorities was originally intended to relieve students’ pressure on study.At the same time, we will find that many children in primary school today often can not ensure enough sleep, because many children need to catch up on homework at night.Parents who have read books about their children’s development know that sleep often affects their children’s height and intelligence.Children are the future of our country, so everyone is very concerned about whether children can grow up healthily at each stage.In a bid to give pupils enough sleep and reduce the burden of “backpacks”, the department of Education has banned homework for younger pupils.At the beginning, there were some parents and teachers who thought the new policy was good.However, as time went by, it was gradually discovered that this policy brought many problems.Under the “double reduction”, the first and second grade homework will be eliminated, what about new problems?In recent years, many tutoring agencies have really opened more and more.We will find a lot of primary school children around, busy every day.They are in school during the day, studying and attending classes earnestly, and in the evening, they have to go to a tutoring institution after a quick meal.At the same time, the amount of homework assigned to them by the school was always over and over, so that the children, who were still very young, had to be busy until late at night before they could go to sleep.Faced with heavy schoolwork, the pupils are miserable.Some parents see their children get school work done early, and when they’re done, they give them extra exercises.In order to ease the homework pain of elementary school students, the education department issued a relevant policy, which requires schools to no longer give homework to students in the first and second grade.From this, we can also understand that the original intention of the double reduction policy is very good.Reduce homework for students, and let students sleep, get a good guarantee.Since the implementation of this policy, the quality of sleep of many students has been greatly improved.At the same time, many parents are particularly worried about the situation that their children do not have homework and their academic performance will decline.The national Education department has introduced the after-school tutoring policy of “5+2”, which enables many primary school students to complete the homework of the day directly in the school. If they encounter any knowledge points they do not understand in the process of doing homework, they can also find the teacher to answer them immediately.After the introduction of the double reduction policy, there are new problems in primary school students’ learning. No matter what kind of policy is introduced, it will always bring benefits and disadvantages.First of all, we should understand that the double reduction policy has really improved the situation of insufficient sleep among students.However, for the first and second grade students, do not give them homework this provision, often found that the younger children, their self-control is relatively weak.Therefore, after school, they have nothing to do. They want to go back home to watch TV and go out to play with their children every day, which makes many parents feel very headache.At the same time, children do not develop good learning habits at a very young age, so the lazy state will accompany him throughout the primary school stage.With the growth of age, they have not laid a solid foundation for many knowledge points, which is very unfavorable for him to go to junior high school and senior high school in the future.The double reduction policy has well relieved the pressure on students in study, but for students who have just entered primary school, this is the golden period for them to develop their learning habits, learning behavior and learning thinking.Therefore, parents in the children after school, not too laissez-faire, let children freely arrange their own time.Need to carefully guide the children, after their own school, take part of the time, calm down, look at some extracurricular reading;Or do some exercise that promotes concentration.Even if the homework has been done at school, but parents still have to give their children some tasks properly, so that he will lay a solid foundation in primary school.Conclusion: The introduction of the double reduction policy has relieved the learning pressure of many children, but also made many parents very worried.In fact, the primary school children, parents only need to focus on developing his learning habits, learning thinking, learning ways.