Shenyang: Delivery personnel need to wear masks of N95 or above for outbound delivery. International express has a 3-7 day standing period

2022-06-21 0 By

On March 30, a press conference was held in Shenyang, Liaoning province on epidemic prevention and control. Sun Gang, deputy director of Shenyang Post Administration Bureau, announced the latest news of epidemic prevention and control in Shenyang.All couriers shall have their body temperature taken before work to ensure that it is normal and register properly.Participate in nucleic acid test every two days, establish nucleic acid test ledger.Courier workers in Shenyang are now required to wear masks of more than N95 when going out for delivery, and protective clothing should be equipped in key areas according to different delivery areas.When the express arrives at the distribution center, it is necessary to remove the whole vehicle before unloading. After 30 minutes, it enters the next link.Spray disinfection is carried out on the sorting line. At present, all enterprises have been equipped with spray disinfection equipment on the sorting line.After the express arrives at the branch, the branch staff should also carry out hand-held spray elimination to ensure that every express is safe to the recipient.In particular, for international express delivery, while stricter elimination, according to the material of express delivery, set up three to seven days of quiet period, to ensure that all epidemic prevention measures can be strictly implemented.(CCTV reporter Li Chengze)