In the year of the Tiger, the plum blossom of the tiger

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Speaking of tiger plum, the friend who likes to raise flowers is certainly not strange, qiu Zhi is diagonal, red leaves times bright and dazzling;Especially in the north, outdoor ice and snow, indoor flowers, very lovely.Tiger plum is also called iron begonia, kylin thorn, tiger thorn, etc., all have the feeling of golden spear, iron horse, sword – when this bloom is brilliant is brilliant, however, iron gray hard branches such as cutting, sharp thorns on the branches, tiger plum, iron begonia, kylin thorn, tiger thorn so “fierce” name is really appropriate!Tiger muddy native to Africa, Madagascar, euphorbiaceae is creeping shrubs, much branched, green leaves often interactive growth on the twig, 2, 4 or 8 of bright red or yellow flowers dichasial open at the top of the sections of the flower, in fact, we see is composed of two pieces of renal rounded petals flower is not really flowers, but a package of flower bracts,The real flower is hidden in a beautiful, large bract and looks nothing at all, just like nature.The tiger plum grows slowly, only about 10 cm long every year, but its life is very long, potted can live more than 30 years;If light, temperature suitable, can be open all year round.Its flower language is stubborn and firm, gentle and loyal, brave and fierce do not break Confucian and elegant again — think, that cabinet “flower” pink and tender lovely, safflower green leaves ling han is not beaten, iron stem qiu zhi is graceful and graceful, ying ying is a basin, full chamber spring, match with its flower language how!The juice of its root, stem and leaf is poisonous and may cause skin itching if touched carelessly. However, it is recorded in Dian Yao Lu that milk of its stem and leaf is used to treat tinea and sweat spots (Dai Medicine).”Dong Medicine” also has its root, stem treating geng very (furuncle) prescription (Dong medicine), is the so-called poison to fight poison.Tiger plum plant compact, luxuriant foliage, red flowers and green leaves, very beautiful, and very easy to keep, if you like, might as well get a pot oh.