Beijing intangible heritage fire drawing gourd gift samaranch

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“Thank you very much. I will cherish this special gift from Beijing Winter Olympics Village.”Juan Antonio Samaranch, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), received a gourd artwork with fire-painted gourd technique as a gift full of auspicious meanings during his visit to the Beijing Winter Olympic Village on January 25.Calabash means complete, and the orchid picture on the calabash means spring is coming, and the designer of this auspicious gift is a native farmer’s ox fruit in Dingjiaghuang Village, Longwan Town, Shunyi District.Nearly 1,000 of his works and those of his fellow villagers were sent to athletes’ apartments in Beijing and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village.Little Samaranch is appreciating a gourd art piece painted by fire gourd technique in Beijing’s intangible cultural heritage.During the Spring Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism organized a series of publicity activities themed “Beijing 2022” to welcome the Winter Olympics and celebrate the Spring Festival with intangible cultural heritage. 300 pieces (groups) of intangible cultural heritage products were displayed in the Beijing Winter Olympic Village, Yanqing Winter Olympic Village and the main media center of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.A group of fire-painted calabash with plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum patterns created by niu Achievement, a representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, is one of them.”In October last year, after collecting works of notice big daughter saw the first time told me, I will combine the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing in the experience of the creative theme of the Olympic Games draw fire bottle gourd, identified the four gentlemen of subjects, represent the determination, courage, self-improvement, the enterprising spirit of the Olympic Games, and noble, elegant, modesty, indifferent humanities quality.”Niu Said that fire painting calabash technique is to carbonize the surface of calabash with high temperature and complete the picture with the help of the thickness of carbonization.As the fourth generation inheritor of this skill, I retain the techniques of predecessors, and more integration of traditional Chinese painting, seal cutting, calligraphy, light color and other elements.After that, more than 10 non-genetic inheritants with the core of niu achievements created nearly 1,000 works of small and medium sizes for two months. In addition to being sent to the exhibition hall of “Culture Of China” in Beijing Winter Olympics village, they were also sent to the athletes’ apartment in Beijing and Yanqing Winter Olympics Village to deliver good luck and blessings to athletes.To participate in the Winter Olympics in this way, niu achievement is happy, but also feel grateful.”I thank the Party and the country, as well as those villagers who trusted me.”It is in the state policy support, he and the villagers together set up the Beijing auspicious eight treasures gourd handicrafts production and marketing professional cooperative.The cooperative now has 300 members, 30 percent of whom are disabled.Most of them are gourd growers, and a small part of them are engaged in fire painting and form a talent echelon of intangible cultural heritage. Together, they have achieved low income and increased income.Copyright notice: All rights reserved by Beijing News Group.