You are the apple of my eyes.

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An Unseen Boyfriend Xie Tao has a boyfriend.They never met.He would send her many things, snacks she had never eaten, gold and silver jewelry that seemed expensive, wine made from the first snow, tea boiled with plum blossom dew, and strange and interesting books she had never read.She could imagine what his life must be like.Thanks to him, Xie Tao’s life has essentially changed, and he no longer has to work multiple jobs because he says he’s not allowed to.She was no longer poor, for he always sent real money.But she did not know that every wechat message she sent him would be converted into a good letter and sent to another time and space.And there, it was a tumultuous time of succession.She fell in love with him, is here a most amazing blank.One day, Xie Tao got up the courage to facetime her boyfriend.?????My boyfriend is so good looking woo woo woo!!What beautiful eyes!What long eyelashes!Skin is so white!But wait?Why is he wearing an ancient robe and an ancient bun?!At that time, the screen of her mobile phone that such as brocade, gold crown jade belt, long hair black thick young childe eyes pupil like Po, curved lips smile, call her, “peach peach.”———— modern soft MOE poor don’t get money heroine X ancient times holding the script of power beauty, strong, rich masters of the male and female protagonists mutual redemption, mutual healing.Mountain gardenia sweetness guarantee!Not sweet hit me!”After school, married” three thousand snow [introduction] Pei Ye eighteen years old there is a robbery, parents listen to the words of the old monk, give him in the town to find a baby kiss he fifteen years old this year, saw from the jiangnan town to the element not masked warm sweet Pei Ye: I Pei Ye is single to die!Die out!Jump off the building!I can’t even fall in love with Wen Tian!Pei Ye: true sweet warm sweet: marriage is impossible to get married, this life all impossible to get married of, the man again so idiotic, be single, ability maintain present of life, single of each is talent, I super like of!Warm sweet:…Discover oneself have a baby close to meet three rules: 1, in the school shall not announce the relationship, shall not interfere with each other in love 2, the two sides shall not have any feelings, after the age of 18 peacefully break up 3, the woman’s homework the man can copy master Pei later:Do not feel my male classmate is handsome, do not carry me and others to the library to write homework, do not give homework to my male classmate copy, female classmate discretion processing, do not…Eighteen years old that year, Pei Ye suddenly play to rely on renege, refused to break up “warm sweet, I met eighteen years old rob is you.”Her encounter with Pei Ye is an entanglement of light and shadow, is the intersection of stars and deep sea, the more bright the light, the darker the shadow.I knew Milton Duff only as a wine, as my unfinished painting.It turned out you were my Milton Duff, my vacant sitter.>>> A long history >>> A group of lovely people “Little Apple” ◎ Weak Water Qianliu [Introduction] Duo Mian first time to play Eat Chicken, match to play friend number one Asian server.And then, accidentally, she ran him over with her car.Dormer crouches in the corner :(T.T) I’m sorry…Broken: Have something to say in bed.You are the apple of my eyes.This article tells about because of the accident become stupid original ruthless and spicy belly black despicable male master and arrogant arrogant arrogant petulant egotistical and domineering female heroine launched a dog blood small white love story.Central idea: By telling this love story, show that intelligence and pride are not important when it comes to love…Deep meaning:This article expresses the author on valentine’s day although lamented the “envy envy hate, see how long can you good”, but the heart still to hold positive attitude towards love, and believe in the beauty of the world ~ ~ ~ “duplicity” does tiger [brief introduction] a couple married for six years they found the male friend strangely love liao he wife liao first base more and more female friends:Land season but what trouble?Friend guy: Adolescent love syndrome.Friend female: Isn’t he already past puberty?Friend male: I met a heartthrob again.– A more prosaic story