The prison policeman earned a reputation for driving 6,000 kilometers at his own expense to help alleviate poverty

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I am willing to become the little stars in the dark for you light up the hope of tomorrow I’m willing to escort for you in the wind and rain with you through this special times more than the lyrics from deyang prison police Wu Shipeng writing songs “I am willing to deyang of sichuan province in December 2021, prison police Wu Shipeng won the 13th session of the Chinese youth volunteers outstanding individual it is more than just a job title is rightHe has maintained is practicing “party, please rest assured, I have” youth pledge certainly today, let us together into the biggest honor is the story behind the dark blue youth volunteers road deep blue purplish blue JingZhuang background stands for heavy human care deep blue is the color of the deep blue sea presents a vast embrace in 2014, the world Wu Shipeng out of the prison gate to deyang, from that moment on,He put the pulse of youth into the deep blue melody.At The Boai Primary School in Huangxu Town, he initiated the “light micro wishes” initiative for more than 100 left-behind children.In xiaogan town nursing home, he and everyone together to pass the “old I old and the old” of the wind of filial piety.In Donghushan Park, he distributed Spring Festival couplets to people walking for exercise and promoted the rule of law…The picture shows Wu Shipeng discussing with his colleagues about the specific ways to carry out volunteer activities.In 2017, he was appointed as the Public Welfare Leader of Youth League.In 2019, he was elected as the head of deyang Branch of sichuan Prison Deep Blue Volunteers’ 35 detachment.In 2021, he was elected deputy secretary of the prison Youth League Committee.Since his first contact with deyang Branch of Sichuan Deep Blue Volunteers, he has led and organized more than 50 activities such as “rule of law into the campus”, “Law into the factory”, and “Spring Festival Coups”, serving more than 20,000 people and leading more than 100 volunteers to participate in the activities.Deyang Prison Detachment of Deep Blue Volunteers carried out a series of activities such as “rule of law into the community” and “campus trip”. Wrote the implementation plan of Activities of Deep Blue Volunteers’ Rule of law into the community. In 2020, it joined the network platform of “Volunteer Sichuan” and organized 8 volunteer activities and participated in 13 volunteer service activities in the past two years, totaling more than 140 hours.Now, the prison blue volunteer disaster relief commandos, psychological support teams, literary and art publicity teams have been set up, campus trips, respect for the elderly, poverty alleviation trips, Spring Festival couplets, and legal publicity trips have been carried out intensively.Zhang will always remember that it was Wu and his colleagues who gave him a second life.In the days of prison, Zhang miss her mother, hate her father, and the criminal conflict.Wu Shipeng put Zhang on the “rainbow +” project.He and five volunteers traveled more than 3,000 kilometers in three months to find zhang’s mother, whom zhang hadn’t seen for 28 years, and to connect with her parents’ work.When zhang mou on the “rainbow bridge”, clutched red rope, Wu Shipeng know, they once again achieved “let every sinking life have a future”.In early 2020, the calm inside and outside the walls was shattered by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19.He said goodbye to his wife and daughter and was among the first to join the closed duty, which lasted 76 consecutive days.On closed duty, police officers live like criminals, rising earlier and going to bed later.For Mr Wu, there are other “programmes”.Wu Shipeng who likes literature and art, created many songs he likes music creation, in the high wall of isolation, Wu Shipeng turned deep blue action to serve prison criminals.His song “I Do” was selected by the Ministry of Justice as one of the top ten songs of the year, “Epidemic” Road Relay conveys the power of love, and he wrote and directed the micro film “This Epidemic Day”, which quickly received more than 10 million views online.He put the Deep Blue volunteers together to create a story about the high wall called “Take.”The communist youth league of sichuan provincial party committee, provincial judicature bureau and province prison administration to carry out the “youth volunteer lost navigation” service activities, Wu Shipeng rally youth volunteer force, relying on the prison project “+” rainbow correction, promote a large number of “criminals”, “family” changed decayed for magical, deyang prison more characteristic, rule of benevolence.”Rainbow Bridges to the future for fallen criminals.Deep blue volunteers poverty alleviation singing in ganluo county, liangshan yi nationality autonomous prefecture DaQiao Township buie primary school playground, the students sitting in the middle, villagers stood outside, as the “song uz township” “beautiful campus” moss “som flower” take turns to show, the scene atmosphere wave to a climax, even for a long time in the song of the eagle is over the campus.Wu Shipeng took a photo with his classmates at Buyi Primary School in Wusidaqiao Township, Ganluo County. Since then, he has been thinking about a more specific help plan. As early as 2018, when he was assigned to help prison villages, Wu Shipeng was thinking about the “Deep Blue Plan” and decided to “support culture” to help lift the economy out of poverty.With a group of volunteers, he has successively created township songs, school songs, village rules and folk songs, “Never forget the Original Aspiration” and other works, compiled into a distinctive poverty alleviation inspirational art performance, performance and tour for 8 times.He discovered and recommended muxiaerri, a teacher of Buyi Primary school, to record a special program on CCTV 3. Buyi people appeared on the CCTV stage for the first time, which attracted the attention of the whole society to Liangshan and Buyi Village, and strengthened the confidence of yi people to “follow the Party forever and get rid of poverty to achieve a well-off life”.In the youth League committee appointed to help the family sent condolences, the villagers thumbs up, Wu Shipeng said, this is the best affirmation of his harvest!”Do what you can, without pay;”Help others, serve society” is the Deep Blue pledge, but also a voluntary action.Three years of poverty alleviation, Wu Shipeng on the road 17 times, 61 days, more than 18,000 kilometers, more than 6,000 kilometers or at his own expense to drive, he wading through the mud, climb the ladder, carry pepper, walnut, potatoes, radish, to 18 poor households each, won the “rural cadres” reputation.In June 2021, Wu Shipeng volunteered to serve as a member of the working group of the new round of rural revitalization tour to help The Daliangshan area.Wu Shipeng listens to the call of The Times grasp the mission of youth engraved deep blue volunteer He is a sincere, pure, glorious youth traveler (source: Deyang Prison, Sichuan prison)