Running needs to be remembered: Not running in A month is like not running in a year

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Words:Running it is really more melodramatic, you good to it, it’s good for you, with a faster pace and a lower heart rate in return for you, you ignore it for a long time, so your running level may appear more or less, so we need to clear, running is definitely not the stronger the ability to run longer, but the longer run regularly, the stronger the ability will,Running is more like a big girl, you need to be “remembered”, sometimes for some special reason, if we stop running too long, then everything may change, you may lose your previous achievements, you may lose it.Or are envy those who have just started running, is completely a counterparts, lots of people are always in a row running, although this is not desirable, but this is rare, we have very high enthusiasm for running at that time, after all it is person’s practice, that is, to begin to contact can always maintain high morale, gradually,As we get better at running and try half and full horses, the mystique fades away, and we become deadbeats once we know the limits of our running talents.Even when the weather is good enough and we have plenty of free time, many of us have endless nights and excuses.However, for most people, the main reason is the pressure of work and life, or force majeure. Sometimes overtime work may require late work, and if you are a night runner, it is bound to be a problem. Therefore, if you form the habit of running in the morning at the beginning, it may save us a lot of time.Xian almost the entire month can’t go out this year, many runners can go running, individual “stubborn unintelligent” may be in the garage or running home sitting room, but this to the people around you may not be too friendly, so a lot of people still darling obedient, do never leave home, and wait until the end of January unsealed, picked up running again, how many of you match the downhill may only you know.Power is sometimes we too hard, can cause serious injuries, which are embodied in the legs, may be knee, perhaps is muscle, anyhow because the habit of everybody is different, the injury is multifarious, also some “stubborn unintelligent” will continue to run, wounded most rational runner still will choose to rest, but running the injury is very strange,Sometimes even a long break doesn’t seem to help, so it’s important to develop good habits during your initial run or regret them.Running does not lie in how much tiger, but in how steady, steady running, steady health.