Hubei Hanyang District education bureau reminded that these institutions were “delisted”, without a license to run schools, parents pay attention

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In recent years, domestic training institutions have emerged in an endless stream, and the education and training market is also mixed, with many institutions running schools without licenses and in violation of regulations.Many parents “love children”, for fear of their children’s grades fall, but also regardless of whether these training institutions are formal, in the lobby of these cheater institutions, to help children reported to the training class, but I do not know has been in the trap of the black heart institutions, spent a lot of money.In addition to this kind of remedial training class accident, there are also a lot of art specialty training classes in the publicity, if it is a formal organization, but if it is illegal business, it must be punished.01 hubei hanyang education bureau to remind, these institutions are “delisted” hanyang wuhan education bureau recently announced the latest news, the local has a chess training institutions for unlicensed, blacklisted by the training institutions, the agency has been investigated, according to the survey, the class does not have any “school license”, in violation of the law.At present, this institution has become a key governance object, in addition, this institution has been suspended, closed forever, and in order to protect the interests of students and parents from loss, training institutions must timely refund all the remaining class fees.After this incident, wuhan Education Bureau has carried out a very strict examination of local after-school training institutions.This does not check do not know, a check startled, in this area, there are 217 illegal schools training institutions.Later, Wuhan removed the signs of the 217 training institutions, including eight off-campus training institutions in changqing Square and other areas, with a total area of about 200 square meters.Finally, Wuhan Education Bureau found 129 advertisements for out-of-school training in East Lake High-tech Zone. Such exaggerated training effects seriously misled the original educational concept and caused anxiety among parents.In addition, the agencies were involved in fake operations, and the phone numbers were in violation of regulations.As a result, some of the illegal institutions investigated here have been dismantled in large numbers, even the signboards outside the school have been taken down.Subsequently, the Wuhan government launched investigations in public places and other surrounding areas. So far, Wuhan has completely removed more than 100 educational institutions that violate the rules, and cracked down on all these black-heart institutions that violate the rules and punished them strictly.How to avoid illegal off-campus institutions?The emergence of these illegal institutions, so that many parents are anxious, most of these parents want their children to become successful, they are afraid of their children’s academic performance than others, so clueless around looking for these institutions, but there are so many illegal institutions recently, how to avoid?First of all, the screening of illegal institutions is to check the relevant documents of this institution, which is the most important point, these two documents are “business license” and “school license”, these two cards are indispensable, less is the same as the illegal institutions.As long as there are no these two certificates, other certificates and awards are all decoration, so parents must be bright eyes, do not be fooled by these institutions.There is also a point that parents should pay more attention to the news released by the local education bureau, for the exposure of those institutions that violate the rules must resist, to choose regular and legal out-of-school institutions for their children, to give them a healthy and safe learning environment.$20,000 for a lock of hair?The father of a girl whose hair was cut off by her teacher has demanded 20,000 yuan in compensation from the school.An 11-year-old boy was mauled to death by four vicious dogs in Hebei province