Anhui Postgraduate entrance examination training camp: adjustment | have you received the notice of the second test?These are the questions you need to understand

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This year, most colleges and universities are on a tight schedule. Many colleges and universities are open for 12 hours and will close.Up to now, more than 120 colleges and universities part of the college entrance examination adjustment channel has been closed!Adjustment is a protracted war, we must pay close attention to the news of the recruitment website, and refresh the system status more often.If you accidentally meet the “Sea King” and “Lock King”, don’t wait for the notification.Make a strategy based on the situation :(1) what if the school looks at its application for transfer, but does not reject it and does not receive a notice of reexamination?It is suggested to contact the adjusting institutions while waiting, but do not be too hasty, after all, the admission teachers are also stepping up the review of all students’ application information, after screening, some students will be sent a notice of reexamination.If the school system to which you are applying is still open, it hasn’t started sending out second interviews yet.(2) If the lock time is over, I ask the teacher to let you wait, do you want to modify?Continue to consult the teacher to send the second interview notice time, or check the official website of the graduate school of the school/adjustment group, to see whether the relevant adjustment notice has been issued/whether others have received the adjustment notice, if the adjustment notice has been issued, then do not waste time, modify and fill in other colleges.(3) What if the prompt “Do you voluntarily apply to give up the voluntary adjustment?”This means that the school has unlocked you in advance, you can contact the school to ask whether there is no chance.Adjustment is and quota, time race, the recent anxiety index is a little high, as long as there are good results are worth it.Change of adjustment Status change of phase 4:1. The application for adjustment has been submitted to the admission unit.2. The application for adjustment has been checked by the admission unit.3. The recruitment unit has sent a notice of reexamination.4. The admission unit has sent the notice of waiting for admission.Frequently asked Questions about dispensing 1. Is the quota of dispensing allocated in the dispensing system released in succession?Yes.After the system is opened, it will be released one after another until the system is closed. According to the arrangement in previous years, most colleges and universities will focus on announcing the quota of the system at the early stage of opening, and the later the time, the less the opportunity of the quota, so try to seize the opportunity of the early stage of the quota.2. Are the three transfer applications locked at the same time?It isn’t.The timing of each volunteer starts from the moment you fill in the application and cannot be unlocked within 36h.If you want to unlock early, you need to talk to your school to see if you can unlock early, but it is best to think about it in advance, because there are many variables when contacting the school.3. If I contact good schools before the system is opened, what should I do if I cannot find the information?Maybe it hasn’t been updated yet.Each college dispensing system opening time is different, so in addition to the dynamic online recruitment, but also can collect dispensing information through multiple channels, pay more attention to the official dynamic, consulting institutions, asking about the vacancy and dispensing system opening time.4. How to deal with the notice of reexamination sent by the regulating school?After filling in adjust, want to check in time voluntary state and recruit students unit retest notice.If you receive the notice of reexamination, you must comply with the adjustment requirements of the recruitment unit within the specified time, handle the relevant procedures and reply whether you agree to participate in the reexamination, and do not reply within the specified time will be regarded as giving up.If you’re sure you want to take the second interview, click on it.You may receive a second interview notice from more than one institution at the same time if there is no conflict in your schedule.5. Can you accept applicants from multiple enrollment units?Can’t.You can only accept the offer of one recruitment unit. Once you accept the offer, it means that the transfer has been completed. You cannot fill in the offer, accept the retest or the offer.If you want to cancel the confirmed notice of pending admission, you must obtain the permission of the enrollment unit to be admitted. After the enrollment unit cancels the notice of pending admission and the examinee logs in the adjustment system for confirmation, the examinee can continue to fill in the application for adjustment of other enrollment units, accept the retest or pending admission notice.I can’t get through to the admissions office. What should I do?General adjustment situation school will be announced on the Internet, it is ok to look carefully, adjustment system is opened after such, few people hit.After submitting the adjustment information, if the institution receives it, it will reply to you.7. Note: As long as the school downloads your application information (the transfer application will be viewed), if you modify the transfer application after the lockup period, you can also be notified of the second test (if the school is willing).So you don’t have to worry about modifying the voluntary transfer, the second test notice that can be sent to you can’t be sent.They would have sent you a second interview notice long ago.After you revise really want to send you, also can.Finally, the students who get the opportunity to adjust must cherish it, find the venue and equipment needed for the second interview in advance, and prepare the content to be examined in the second interview.Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the chance, because adjustment is a long process, and you need to keep playing games to get close.