Who is the biggest fruit in the world?I can’t believe there’s such a fruit

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A few days ago, xiao Bian plays ant manor when answer: is the world’s largest fruit jackfruit or watermelon?I didn’t know jackfruit was the right answer, and I’ve eaten the world’s largest!That watermelon was scary enough so I went out and did a little research, and it’s the largest fruit in the world.I didn’t think there were two views, who can give me the answer to who is the world’s most?Jackfruit Jackfruit is a tropical fruit and the heaviest fruit in the world, generally weighing 5-20 kg and weighing more than 59 kg.That’s about the weight of a man.The sea coconut is also known as the double coconut, hip coconut, is the Seychelles Prahlan and Kurui islands of a unique palm.It’s a bit like the juice in the butt sea coconut nut, which is thick and gelatinous. It’s delicious, edible and wine-making.Sea coconut has fine white flesh and is delicious.Having never tasted it, I can only imagine that it is not quite the same as the ordinary coconut we drink everyday.But it should be sweet, too. I really want to try it.It is now being grown in a greenhouse at the Beijing Botanical Garden and hopes to be on the market one day.According to the Guinness Book of Records, the sea coconut is the largest fruit known and is known as the “heaviest weight coconut.”Its seed is also the largest in the world, weighing about 25 kilograms.If a seed can be so heavy, the fruit must be very heavy!So who is the largest fruit in the world?Have you ever seen one?