Marry or sell?Internet celebrity blogger’s girlfriend dragged away by her family and beaten after she failed to pay 500,000 yuan as bride price

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Video pet blogger Jiupin Sesame Official posted a video today, but the content surprised his fans.Because the story of the video is no longer full of healing and joy, but a “realistic” personal experience — he was not only beaten because he failed to pay 500,000 yuan bride price, but also his girlfriend was dragged and even beaten by her parents and family members.Even if he is in order to appease yue home, already the house that buys new on this, added the name of cummer.On February 11, 2022, a group of people stormed into a small farmhouse in Gansu province and entered the room.Then, listen to a fierce angry, dull blow, through the camera installed in the corner, delivered to the ears of every Internet onlooker.Then, after a series of fast forwards, one sees a woman in a nightgown, tugged wildly by a big man.The girl struggled desperately, the voice of the mouth beg with SOB, even in the whistling wind, also let a person hear bursts of heartbreak.Seeing the girl struggling, unwilling to leave, another man in the room joined in the tug.This time, the girl could not resist any more, she was crazy to stay in this small yard with her love, boyfriend, full of good memories, but was unable to resist the merciless pull of two big men.The blogger himself was beaten, silenced and unable to move.He could only watch his girlfriend of six years being dragged away from him.At the moment of being dragged out of the yard, the girl desperately wanted to stay and did not want to step out of the gate.This drag and pull, all the way to the car.As a result of “nine sesame shovel excrement officer” girlfriend’s crazy conflict, midway once fell down, wail.However, her two family members, however, completely ignored her and dragged her all the way, and even one of the women, holding a hanger, beat her up and down.”Nine product sesame shovel excrement officer” after break free from imprison, catch up with the girlfriend that wail struggle, however what wait for him however is another beat however.This may seem like a mockumentary, but it’s a pet blogger named “Jiupin Sesame Shod Poop Officer” who recounts his experience with his girlfriend.The video of the “sesame Master” has gone viral on social networking sites, with millions of young people unable to believe it happened in 2022.”My favorite up host, their videos are very warm, the host and hostess are also very gentle, but they are facing such a thing behind.”I can’t believe this is happening in 2022 without watching the video. It’s suffocating.””I’m speechless. When I saw the post, I thought it was about some dogs and cats, but I didn’t think it was about the owner of UP. I was so angry!In 2022, there will still be this kind of violence, dragging, beating and forcing daughters to ‘sell girls for money’ (which is not called bride price). UP is my favorite pet blogger. He is careful and patient, and takes good care of his golden retrievers and kittens, and his videos are of high quality.””What is the difference between the nature of coercive behavior and human trafficking?”‘How terrible!This is a civilized society!How could any parent treat their daughter like that?”Gansu is one of the most popular provinces in China for betrothal gifts. According to the 2020 Survey on Chinese betrothal gifts, 83.3 percent of respondents in Gansu said their families had given or received betrothal gifts, ranking fifth in China.But even so, the sky-high price of 500,000 yuan is still shocking and inconceivable.According to the 2020 Survey, the average price of betrothal gifts in Gansu ranks 19th in China, higher than that in Jiangsu, but only 62,000 yuan, slightly higher than that in Beijing.So the question is, given that the blogger lives in a small farmhouse, why did the woman’s family open up?Perhaps for the Chinese public, especially the younger generation, who are already familiar with “a small target” and often think of “the poor with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan, the real bottom 8,000 yuan”, 500,000 yuan does not seem like a “big sum of money”.But actually, that’s a lot of money.In 2021, the per capita disposable income of residents in Gansu province was 22,066 yuan.That is to say, “nine sesame shovel excrement officer” if the income reached “Gansu per capita line”, need not to eat or drink for 25 years to marry his girlfriend.Is it possible for a guy to marry a wife without eating or drinking for decades?It’s possible…But “9 grade sesame shovel excrement officer” quasi mother-in-law home, also be to have another plan obviously, have a shot in the arrow.Jiupin Sesame Shoecat Guan runs a pet blogger account on social video site Jiupin Sesame Shoecat Guan, which has a sizable following of 841,000.This in the eyes of a lot of people, is undoubtedly “a net red”, may be big rich big expensive not, but must have a small fortune.But “9 product sesame shovel excrement officer” income, actually not difficult to calculate, one part is opaque “advertisement just rice”, another part is flow income.In the video website run by “nine sesame shovel-poop officer”, the unit price of every 10,000 traffic on the website was 20 yuan before that.The total video flow of “Nine sesame shoveling excrement officer” is only 38,414,000, equivalent to less than 80,000 yuan.Obviously, only rely on the flow of income, “nine sesame shovel excrement officer” is unable to pay 500,000 dowry money.And quasi yue home also may not be clear “9 product sesame shovel excrement officer” have how many money after all.But quasi mother-in-law home can be determined, “nine sesame shovel excrement officer” has a set of bridal chamber that added his daughter’s name.So the prospective husband’s family demanded that the “nine Sesame Shovel-poop officer” raise the 500,000 yuan bride price, “even if they sell the property, they must raise enough for the bride price,” the “nine Sesame Shovel-poop officer” added under the video.However, according to the 2020 Survey on Chinese bride Price, the majority of the bride price does not go to the small family as “some public opinion” believed — 20.1 percent goes to the bride, 37.7 percent goes to her parents and only 34.3 percent goes to the small family of the newlywed.But it is also true that in rural Gansu, daughters have no trouble getting married — the ratio of boys to girls in Gansu is 103.10, or 103.10 men for every 100 women.In fact, there is only one way to solve the problem of “high bride price”, that is to ease the number of men and women in the marriage market inequality.From the root, of course, is to put an end to the “son preference” such bad habits.But in recent years, many rural families no longer see their daughters as “losing money” due to the soaring price of bride price.But looking to a new baby to alleviate the situation is a long way off.In fact, South Korea also faces a gender imbalance, which plagued the country in the last century.So, in the 1980s, the south Korean government began encouraging international marriages and bringing in foreign brides to alleviate the problem of bachelors in the country’s countryside.It not only promotes policies to give international matchmaking companies the green light, but also provides support with real money.As of May 2020, South Korea had 380 multinational matchmaking companies.Jeolla Province, for example, offers a one-time bonus of 5 million won to local men who marry foreign brides.This series of measures to introduce “foreign brides” has greatly reduced the gender imbalance in South Korea.South Korea recorded 16,608 new foreign brides in 2018 alone.- END – Remember to like!There are forwarding, comments, attention yo!This article was originally written by Real Planet and is not allowed to be reproduced without permission