Lynk 06 store is on sale. Welcome to the shop

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The car purchase discount is less than thousands, more than tens of thousands, look at the right time to sell, the car drive home can also save a large sum of expenses, want to buy a car in the near future and budget limited friends pay attention to: important things to say three times: Xi ‘an shop limited time promotion!Xi ‘an area limited time promotion!Xi ‘an area limited time promotion!It is reported that in view of the brand of Lynke lynke 06 released very tempting promotional preferential policies, today xiaobian to help you review this car in advance of the high matching models, so that you have a comprehensive understanding on the parameter configuration items!~ 2022-02-07 to 2022-02-08 during the warm winter car, shopping can also send gifts;[4S] Xi ‘an Yongli Lynk Center – Lynk shop lynk five star after-sales service station, more value extended warranty products for you to choose, so that your car more than a guarantee, buy a car more reassured, warmly welcome you to the store inquiry ~ let’s take a Lao Lao Lynk 06 this car……For today’s young generation, the cool information and multimedia systems in the car not only make driving more convenient, but also make the car look technological!And the multimedia configuration performance that gets ke 06, also calculate go up is the performance that grabs an eye in the same grade.Interior comfortable good car, always can let a person have a kind of don’t want to go down the impulse, as introduced today this lead ke 06, practical function, fine texture, vehicle style instant promotion!If you still want to know more specific information, or in the selection of car configuration is more tangled, you can call 13279496482 consulting hotline, there will be a commissioner in the first time for you to answer.Friends in Xi ‘an are more welcome to visit No. 125 West Avenue, New Industrial Park, Zhangba Street Office, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, Shaanxi Province, to test drive in offline stores.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)