Hefei’s external expressways will basically realize “eight lanes” traffic

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On the afternoon of February 9th, The Provincial Government Information Office held a series of press conferences (the twelfth session) entitled “Striving to Be the First to Open a New Bureau” at the Provincial Government Affairs Service Center. On the press conference, Mr. Zhang Yi, Director of the Provincial Department of Transportation, revealed that the main highway of Hefei will be under the auspices of “eight lanes” this year.In addition, with the help of low altitude airspace management reform pilot opportunities, many cities and counties in our province will build general airports.◢ This year, our province will vigorously implement road water transport airport investment special action, strive to complete the investment of more than 100 billion yuan this year, and then on a new stage of history.In road construction, we will encourage the construction of 16 expressways, and the length of expressways under construction is expected to exceed 2,700 kilometers.Speed up the implementation of the “county expressway” special action, build hezong expressway, Qiqi expressway shitai-Qimen section, realize shucheng, County urban area high-speed fast access.Zhang yi said that the province will increase the mileage of expressways more than 330 kilometers, reconstruction and expansion of expressways more than 180 kilometers, hefei external expressways to achieve “eight lanes” traffic.In the integration construction of Yangtze River Delta, the inter-provincial highway access capacity of Our province has been significantly improved, and 26 expressway toll stations at provincial boundaries have been cancelled.We will continue to carry out the special action to open up interprovincial guillotines. Three of the five interprovincial guillotines involving our province have been built and two are under construction.In the next step, our province will also focus on implementing a number of highway projects. It is expected that by 2025, there will be 20 interprovincial high-speed interfaces connecting the Yangtze River Delta, basically realizing the eight-lane traffic of the main channel connecting the Yangtze River Delta.In terms of civil aviation construction, fuyang, Anqing and Chizhou airports will be renovated and expanded, hefei Airport phase II and bozhou and Bengbu airports will be accelerated, hefei Airport will be built as “one hub and one center”, and Wuhu professional air cargo hub port will be accelerated.In terms of general airport construction, seize the opportunity of pilot reform of low-altitude airspace management, build three general airports of Dangshan, Feidong and Sixian within this year, start construction of four general airports of Jin ‘an, Tianchang, Mingguang and Jingde, and accelerate the preliminary work of general airports of Jixi, Feixi and Guzhen.We supported the construction of wuhu National General aviation Industry Comprehensive demonstration Zone, Yuexi Civil unmanned aviation experimental Base and Nanling National Express technology innovation experimental base to boost the development of the general aviation industry.Zhang Yi revealed that our province will accelerate the construction of “fast forward slow travel” transportation infrastructure network in southern Anhui, and strive to realize the integration of traffic lines and tourist lines, traffic facilities and tourist facilities, traffic stations and tourist attractions.Huangshan mountain, Qiyun Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Dabie Mountain and other “five mountains” and 8 5A scenic spots are linked together to gradually form the integrated development pattern of transportation and tourism with Huangshan as the leader, driving southern Anhui and linking Southern Anhui, providing the masses with a trinity of transportation and tourism integration experience of “water, land and air”.Specifically, the road will be built on land.Key construction 2 scenic byway, i.e., series of jiuhua mountain – huangshan – qiyun moutain world heritage and national scenic byway series of tianzhu mountain – dabie mountain national scenic byway of dabie mountain, as the main line, with both the scenic byway, tourist road for feeder, beaded chain, forming the mainline unicom, regional circulation, in series with the five mountain road traffic network.Create special train on the rail tour route.Special travel trains will be launched around he-Fuzhou high-speed railway (the most beautiful high-speed railway line), Hangzhou-Yellow high-speed railway (an important part of hangzhou-Yellow world-class tourism corridor), as well as the chi-Yellow high-speed railway under construction and other high-speed railway lines, connecting famous mountains, rivers, lakes and cities.Create water sightseeing tour routes.We will give full play to the characteristics of the xin ‘an River, Taiping Lake, Qiupu River, Wanhe river and other water tourism resources, focus on promoting the construction of the Xin ‘an River ecological waterway and tourism waterway, orderly development of inland river cruise tourism, and build a comprehensive and three-dimensional landscape gallery.Create a low-altitude flight route.A number of general airports will be built in Huangshan District, Jixi, Jingde, Qingyang, Tongcheng, Yuexi, Jin ‘an, etc., and air tourism products will be developed, such as air sightseeing, air experience, and air sports.He’s a full media journalist. 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