For real!More than 700 graduate students were expelled

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In recent years, a reform of postgraduate education is in full swing.It has gradually become the norm for Chinese graduate students to be strict in and out of graduate schools as they are forced to withdraw graduate students and intensify the random examination of their papers.For real!In the past year, a number of “double first-class” universities have kicked back unqualified postgraduates.According to incomplete statistics, in 2021 alone, nankai University, Xiamen University, Wuhan University and other “double first-class” universities expelled more than 700 master’s and doctoral students.Exceeding the maximum length of study stipulated by the university is the main reason for graduate students to be expelled.Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology graduate students strictly control papers!The Ministry of Education, colleges and universities frequently issued a document at the same time, the Ministry of Education and universities are frequently issued, strict quality of graduation thesis.The Ministry of Education has issued a series of documents on the quality of postgraduate education since 2019, explicitly mentioning the need to “intensify the random examination of papers” and formulating a series of punishment mechanisms for academic misconduct.Universities with problems in paper sampling may reduce enrollment plans, suspend or revoke relevant degree authorization;Tutors will be disqualified from recruiting students for nearly one or two years;Graduates who fail the spot test will have their degrees revoked.Graduate students who have graduated can not be taken lightly, part of the school will check the doctor, master’s degree thesis of the past five years.Last September, the Graduate School of Guangxi University informed 138 students that they were no longer eligible to apply for degrees after failing to pass the degree examination twice.In addition, a total of 44 tutors have been suspended from enrollment in 2020 or 2021 for failing to pass the degree application examination.Similarly, the Sichuan provincial education department said at a press conference that it had reduced the number of graduate students it planned to recruit from nine universities that had found problems with the results of random examination of postgraduate theses.Every year in May, when graduates are expected to submit their papers, Zhai receives “love from the whole network” of fresh graduates.The “academic misconduct” incident in 2019 affected almost all universities, teachers and graduates across the country.In that year’s budget, the Ministry of Education allocated 8 million yuan for sampling 6,000 doctoral dissertations.Following this, the Ministry of Education ordered universities to backtrack dissertations awarded for doctoral and master’s degrees within five years (2015-2020).This is enough to see the shock brought by Dr. Zhai’s “What is the knowledge network?”It is difficult to determine the quality of a paper.However, the repetition rate is an accurate figure that can be used to quantify the quality of a paper regardless of subject.Reduce the repetition rate, become some universities to improve the quality of postgraduate papers the first start.Xiamen University has issued a notice on Further strengthening the Management of Postgraduate Dissertations and Degree Awarding, stipulating that from January 1, 2020, the “copy ratio excluding the published literature” of postgraduate dissertations will be adjusted from “less than 20%” to “less than 10%”.Xiamen University has strengthened the management of postgraduate dissertations and degree awarding.The current duplicate checking system is not perfect, professional terms, references will be counted into the duplicate checking rate.All kinds of methods to reduce weight have appeared on the Internet: AI to reduce weight, indirect quoting of the original text, change the thanks into classical Chinese, change the text into table pictures…At the same time, there is a bitter, high cost of re-checking papers.Some netizens joked that Zhai could only be forgiven by setting up a fund for the investigation.On September 25, 2020, the Academic Degrees Committee of The State Council and the Ministry of Education issued several Opinions on Further Strictly Regulating the Quality Management of Academic Degrees and Postgraduate Education, which clearly stated:”The paper repetition rate test is only used as an auxiliary means to check academic misconduct, and should not replace the result of the repeat rate test for the supervisor, dissertation defense committee, academic degree evaluation committee to check academic standards and academic standardization.”This in the Ministry of Education before the strict control of the quality of papers in the document, is not seen.The school of Arts and Media of Tongji University, in its “For whom is the repetition Rate Lowered: The Dual Dilemma of Graduates” published on, pointed out that although the repetition system has made continuous progress in practice, it still has some problems such as blind spot in similarity judgment, and such theoretical data will also hinder the academic development.Zhai tianlin case, the real warning should be “how to break the abnormal circle of plagiarism, how to promote the construction of academic ecology.”If a student is found guilty of academic misconduct, the supervisor, as the first person responsible, may be disqualified from enrol.Tutor is the most important guide in the process of postgraduate training.It plays an important role in topic selection, academic writing and academic thinking training.But the reality doesn’t seem so good.A tutor with a dozen students;To the students completely free range;Put more emphasis on scientific research than on teaching…The problem is not just the number of mentors, but also the quality.According to the Statistics of the Ministry of Education, there were 480,000 postgraduate tutors and 3.13 million postgraduate students in China in 2020.This equates to an average of 6.5 students per tutor.In 2016, each tutor supervised an average of 5.2 students.How many students is appropriate for a tutor?The answer to that question seems hard to answer.”This is influenced by many factors, such as the nature of the discipline, the size of the school, the amount of research tasks of the tutor, the guiding ability, physical energy, and the starting point of students’ quality and ability. It needs to be determined according to the specific situation.”Liu Zhi, deputy dean of graduate School of Northeast Normal University, answered the reporter of “Education Weekly”.At the same time, how to implement the quality of postgraduate training into the tutor’s evaluation system is also a key.At the end of 2020, the Ministry of Education issued the Code of Conduct for The Guidance of Postgraduate Tutors, highlighting the “strictest new regulations on tutors”.Colleges and universities that have a negative impact on tutors’ violation of the criteria will reduce their enrollment plans and restrict the application for new degree authorization according to the circumstances. If the circumstances are serious, the degree award of relevant disciplines will be cancelled according to the procedures.The Ministry of Education issued the “Code of Conduct for Guidance of Postgraduate Tutors” to remove postgraduate students and increase the strength of paper sampling, which is to evaluate the quality of postgraduate training on the results.But how to do a good job in each link of postgraduate training quality control and management, there are still a lot of efforts to be made.For graduate students, it is their duty not to take shortcuts in such an academic environment, but to give themselves a solid “academic commitment”.Compiling album | jiunn-wen wang scrutiny | Zhao Yajia duty editor hengye to source | | generation green and small, the Ministry of Education website, qingtazhen, nankai university, xiamen university, wuhan university contribute [youth] hubei email: welcome to forward points, reprint must indicate the source click let more people know!