The overall situation in China is stable. 1.227 billion people have received novel coronavirus vaccines

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Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held yesterday to introduce the epidemic prevention and control work during the Holiday.He Qinghua, a first-level inspector of the National Health Commission’s DISEASE Control and Prevention Bureau, said that at present, China’s local epidemic is sporadic and sporadic, and the overall situation remains stable.The rise of the associated epidemic in Fengtai, Beijing, on January 18 has been initially curbed, and the risk of community transmission and spread has been reduced.He qinghua said that at present, some local clusters of epidemic cases in some regions of China have been extinguished, while others are being handled in an orderly manner.Henan, Guangdong and other provinces have entered the final phase of the epidemic.The newly discovered epidemic in Hebei District of Tianjin is related to the local epidemic in Jinnan District, which was caused by accidental exposure during the quarantine period. The risk groups are under investigation and control.The cluster epidemic in the border area of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province was limited in scope and effectively controlled in a short period of time.The virus sequencing results of the outbreak in Horgos, Xinjiang on January 23 were omicron variant strains. The epidemic involved a wide range of people with a certain degree of community transmission in the region, and no signs of spread and spilality have been found so far.The transmission chain of the virus in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province on January 25 is relatively clear, and there is still a risk of community transmission.The virus sequencing results of the outbreak occurred on January 26 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province were omicron variant strains. The cases were mainly concentrated in Hangzhou, and scattered spillover cases were found in Hubei, Guizhou, Jiangxi and Henan provinces. At present, the scope of the epidemic is relatively limited, the transmission chain is generally clear, and the epidemic is still in the stage of rapid development.Prevention and control work, including risk area control and screening of people at risk of spillover, is being accelerated.During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the overall stability of the epidemic situation across the country, the National Health Commission will focus on strengthening guidance to resolutely deal with the epidemic.All localities should carry out comprehensive inspections of airports, centralized isolation points and designated medical institutions in key areas such as the first point of entry and border ports, and strengthen the management of personnel in high-risk positions.Further strengthen the detection and disinfection of high-risk goods and environment at ports to prevent the spillover of epidemic risks.At the same time, we will guide local governments to reserve personnel and materials and improve emergency response mechanisms.According to He Qinghua, as of January 28, a total of 2.994 billion doses of novel coronavirus vaccines were reported nationwide, bringing the total number of people vaccinated to 1.266 billion, and 1.227 billion of them have been vaccinated.Among them, 219 million people over the age of 60 have been covered by novel Coronavirus vaccination, and 210 million have completed the full course of vaccination.Vaccination services will continue to be provided throughout the Spring Festival.The National Health Commission will guide local governments to do a series of guarantee work, and organize and implement the vaccination of eligible people over 60 years old based on the grid. At the same time, in view of the current cold weather, do a good job in keeping the vaccination sites warm and ensure that the environmental temperature of the vaccination sites is appropriate.Timely input of vaccination information into the information system to provide paper vaccination certificates for the elderly in need.News related to the prevention and control policy shall not without authorization “overweight” and “layers of overweight” yesterday, in the defense mechanism of spreading into a news conference of the State Council, national WeiJianWei spokesman, press and publicity department deputy director feng said, the State Council zone spreading mechanism maintaining for implementing prevention policies put forward clear requirements, shall not be arbitrarily banning out-of-town people return home for the holiday,The scope of restricted travel shall not be expanded at will.The joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council has verified the problem of people being prevented from returning to their hometowns and reported back to local authorities for immediate rectification, Mi said.At present, in some places, people from low-risk areas are not allowed to return to their hometowns, people who have returned to their hometowns are forced to stay in quarantine at their own expense, and people who have returned to their hometowns are arbitrarily allowed to stay in quarantine and monitor their health at home.In response, the Joint Prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council once again put forward clear requirements for the implementation of epidemic prevention policies.Travel restrictions shall not be expanded at will;The scope of travel restrictions shall not be extended from medium – and high-risk areas to the local cities and provinces;People returning from low-risk areas shall not be forced to return or quarantined in a centralized manner.The period of centralized quarantine observation and home health monitoring shall not be arbitrarily extended.Source: Beijing Daily reporter Li Qiyao intern reporter He Rui Process editor: U060