Rent a wife for 1,500 yuan a month in Thailand

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Since the advent of buying and selling, it seems that everything in human society can be solved economically, including wives.In ancient China, “wife selling” was an ancient marriage system with a history dating back to the Han Dynasty.For example, it is recorded in the Book of Han, “When you marry a wife and sell your children, the law cannot be forbidden, and righteousness cannot be stopped.”Entering modern civilized society, this kind of feudal dregs of degrading human dignity and exploiting women has apparently disappeared.But in our neighbor Country, Thailand, the amazing marriage business is still alive and well…First, Thailand’s tourism economy is quite prosperous, which is known to the world.The booming tourism industry has also given rise to another, albeit underreported, but extremely popular custom industry, “renting wives” is one of them.In Thailand, where tourism is booming, such as Bangkok, Paraya and Phuket, the rent-a-wife industry is also a stronghold for rent-a-wife.Like the “classic wife system” of ancient China, renting a wife is perfectly legal in Thailand, allowing women in the business to walk the streets in the open.What is rent a wife?As the name implies, the relationship is similar to that of buying and selling. One party gives money and the other party rents her body and time. During the renting period, the woman is the wife of the client and performs all the obligations that the wife can perform in terms of laws and customs.Due to rent a wife people tend to be Europe and the United States, due to customs reasons, women work in rent wife industry tend to tan, and it is easy to understand, asians “whitening”, and Europe and the United States “tan”, in their eyes, dark skin more healthy sexy and energetic, so these tanning own practitioners in Thailand is also known as “black pearl”.Generally speaking, bars, KTV and other entertainment venues are often frequented by “black pearls”, because there are a large number of rich people who love to have fun here, which is exactly what they are looking for.With the development of the Internet, there are a number of honest “rental wife” websites in Thailand. Just click on “rental wife” and you can get a lot of related information.If they can be rented, they are the client’s legal lover for the duration of the lease.The length of the lease varies from a few days to a few years. If you get along very well with customers, you can even have a stable rental relationship of more than ten to several decades., of course, this kind of super long stories seldom rent wife, after all, most of Europe and the United States is blunt to spend money to play, enjoy the pleasure of consumption to, many of them are used, has a wife has a child a middle-aged man, is to rent a wife, is completely was most impressed by the porn industry of Thailand this novel, this kind of people, have several is to really talk about feelings?However, customers should not think that they become God the moment they pay the rent. During the period of renting a wife, the customer must meet all the money needs of the wife and be responsible for the other party’s eating and drinking. If you want to enjoy more detailed service, you have to pay real money in exchange.The price of each “black pearl” is variable. Generally speaking, the price is marked according to the “quality”.In other words, the “higher quality” these temporary wives were, the more expensive they were.For example, highly educated “black pearls” are more expensive than those who have not gone to school, and young and beautiful “black pearls” are also more expensive.In addition, the shorter the rental period, the higher the “unit price”.Renting a wife for more than a week usually costs 9,000 baht, or more than 1,700 yuan, Thai media reported.But if you rent for less than a week, you’ll have to pay nearly twice as much. Conversely, if you rent for more than a month, you’ll only have to pay 50,000 baht (9,590 yuan), or more than 300 yuan per day on average.The above price is aimed at young, beautiful and well-educated temporary wives. Not all “black pearls” cost a lot. Some cost only 50 yuan a day, and about 1,500 yuan a month.Generally speaking, it is true that the shorter the rental wife, the higher the cost.In fact, a longer lease is more “cost-effective” for well-off tenants. During the duration of the temporary relationship, the temporary wife is required to fulfill all reasonable requirements of the tenant, such as cleaning the room, washing and cooking, etc., acting as a hybrid between wife and nanny, and sometimes acting as a tour guide.In addition, couples in a relationship of perfect equality may have differences and disputes over certain issues, but the tenants tend to work hard to fulfill the tenants’ financial needs. For men, having an obedient and loving wife for money without emotional investment seems like a good deal.Ii. At the legal level, both parties in the contract are voluntary and the result of their free choice.For the tenants, it is a process of spending money and enjoying themselves. For the rented girls, they can satisfy their livelihood and even contribute to the family, which is also a good choice to reduce the burden of the family.There are reasons behind the popularity of renting a wife in Thailand.During the war, Thailand used to have a considerable part of the American army stationed, many American soldiers in the spare time of the war, will take the DOLLAR here to seek pleasure to relieve loneliness, a lot of poor young girls to hear the wind, and gradually formed a special service for foreigners of the porn industry.After the war years, Thailand’s tourism industry developed, in addition to the yearning for beautiful scenery, many people also come for beauty, which is similar to the development of Spain’s pornography industry, coupled with the policy support, Thailand’s wife renting culture is increasingly prosperous.On the other hand, Thailand’s annual per capita income is low, and sex workers are not ashamed to sell their bodies as long as they can prove they are doing it for their families or to donate to a temple.As a result, the culture of “sacrificing women for money” has spread, making Thailand a world-famous sex tourist destination.Since 2002, the Thai government has introduced the retirement visa system and gradually lowered the application threshold to encourage more foreigners to settle in Thailand after retirement.Anyone who turns 50 and has at least 800,000 baht in savings and annual income can retire.This is why rent-a-wife couples are often a combination of European and American men and young girls, because rent-a-wife culture itself is to attract these “old and rich” European and American men.While rent-a-wife sounds like a two-way street, it’s essentially women selling their bodies to survive, much like traditional porn.As a resource being squeezed, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of bitter stories.These girls, dressed up, come and go every day, encounter bad tenants, sometimes have to bow to life, forced to sign a contract, and then quietly endure until the end of the lease;But with good character, talk of a tenant, sometimes is not a good thing, often pay a genuine feeling, in the end when “rent a wife” initial novelty subsides, they have to again and again to accept “married”, “break up” or even “farewell,” is very ridiculous things, is a common phenomenon for them.After all, the essence of a fun party is money.Rent a wife industry generally encountered two problems, the first is accidental pregnancy, for it is well known, unwanted pregnancies are very easy to occur in the temporary relationship, and in Thailand, it is not allow abortion, after the visitors in the step-by-step work return to their country, but need to rent a wife left conceal its debt to solve itself, cannot abortion, pregnant again,There was only one path open to them: to be born.As a result, there are a lot of single mothers and mixed-race children in Thailand, and the appearance of children will make the life of these women more difficult.Second is health. Although rent-a-wife is legal in Thailand, it is clear that most people who can afford to rent their bodies do not choose to rent them.These women, who are poor and do not have access to good health care, are vulnerable to life-threatening infections, but often need money to continue working.This creates a cycle of poverty, an abyss that cannot be broken out of.Of course, not all professionals are willing to be underdogs in the trade. The rent-a-wife industry is a motley collection of people, often resulting in stories of various kinds, including some who are ruthless and ruthless.In recent years, there are more and more white homeless people in the streets of Thailand. Although the reasons for becoming homeless are different, some of them are European and American men who have been cheated into ruin by their rented wives.In 2018, a 52-year-old Danish man jumped to his death in Pattaya. In a follow-up investigation, police found a suicide note that read: “There is nothing left, there is no point in living.”Some men who have emptied their retirement funds by indulging in fireworks have even ended up with nothing.And this, with the past linger brothel finally taste the bitter fruit of the people, apparently no difference.Conclusion: Similar stories continue to play out in the world, just as rent-a-wife culture is still prevalent in Thailand.It is hard to judge the nature of the sex trade under the cloak of legalization, but at least the temperature of human nature should not be absent in any corner of the world. Perhaps, more comprehensive industry regulation is needed to regulate the gain and loss of those who work in the rent-a-wife industry.Author: Black Cat