Huicheng held a forum for the 2022 Chinese New Year condolence of the medical team sent to Title-heng County

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Recently, city WeiJian system respectively in huizhou district health bureau, the third people’s hospital held a signing sent condolences ceheng medical team Spring Festival symposium in 2022, city, district WeiJian bureau party secretary, vice President of Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), chief Zou Zhongping area WeiJian bureau deputy director jen nguyen, area WeiJian bureau deputy director Zheng Shuanghua, city representatives present at the meeting of the party and the research team,Chatted with the members of the medical team and distributed Chinese New Year gifts to them.In response to the national requirements on the deployment of inter-provincial matching support for hospitals in the eastern and western regions, and in order to earnestly cooperate with the health care system in Zhiheng County, Qianxinan Prefecture, Huicheng District Health Care System has sent 15 medical personnel to Zhiheng County since May 2021.It covers emergency department, neurosurgery, urology, cardiovascular medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, radiology, public health and other professional fields.During the symposium, the members of the medical team introduced their working and living conditions in Zhiheng County, Guizhou Province, as well as the existing difficulties and problems.They provided medical and technical assistance to The county by organizing free medical treatment activities, holding professional and technical training, and carrying out new-technology operations.At the same time, construction of the Neurosurgery department and chest pain Center in The People’s Hospital of Zhiheng County will be promoted.During the period of assistance, they should conscientiously fulfill their responsibilities, implement technical guidance, discipline construction and academic training, etc.Learn from each other and make progress together with supporting units.Zou fully recognized the achievements of the medical team sent to Conferring-Heng County in 2021 in medical cooperation between the east and the west, thanked everyone for their hard work, and extended Spring Festival greetings and sincere greetings to the medical team and their families.He said that as the spearhead of the Huicheng District medical and health system to support The county, the medical team has set an example.I hope the medical team will have a warm Spring Festival when they return to Huicheng.Lu Huihui City financial media