Yongzhou good man | Tang Liangyun: 38 years as one day adhere to the rural school

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Yongzhou Daily reporter Wu Lin on the evening of March 4, 2021 “Yongzhou good man” release ceremony and award party was held, the selection committee identified “Chinese good man” Tang Liangyun as “Yongzhou good man”.Tang Liangyun is a Chinese teacher at Lumaqiao Middle School in Dongan County.For 38 years, he rooted in the countryside, the courage to explore, constantly carry out teaching reform, with love to nourish the hearts of students, care for students, love students such as son, will be their beautiful youth, filled with enthusiasm, silently dedication in the village school.In 1987, Tang Liangyun was in a remote village, teaching a “double difference” class.He found something shining in the simple mountain boy — he loved to read comic books.New explorations sprout in his mind: developing language thinking training and reforming composition teaching with the help of comic books.After three years of hard work, he found a way of teaching reform and innovation.Later, Tang Liangyun was transferred to lumaqiao town middle school as a Chinese teacher, and every year when the graduating class teacher.One year on the eve of the middle school entrance examination, he just finished class to assign homework, a girl whispered: “the teacher crazy, exam soon, we need to write homework.”Tang teacher didn’t angry, but recited just reviewed su Shi words: “old husband chat hair young crazy, left lead yellow, right qing Cang……”While reciting and posing as a “chatty teenager crazy” kind of ridiculous posture, the classroom broke into warm applause, the girl also embarrassedly apologized to the teacher.Another time, the school held a speech contest “young up, really beautiful and good with me”, Teacher Tang asked Liu Huan to participate in the contest, but she did not want to go.Tang teacher many times to do the work, she plucked up the courage to participate in the competition, and won the first prize, and then participate in the final of the county, won the second prize.Tang teacher impromptu in the class made a “kua Liu Huan” poem, “the speech passed the good news, teachers and students laugh.The deer is proud to win the second prize.Zhi jianjin especially high, skillfully write back draft.The language surprised four people, praise such as spring tide.”At the end of the semester, Tang wrote the poem on liu Huan’s notice as a comment, and she was deeply moved.After many times to participate in the county speech, have won the prize, in the newspaper also published 6 compositions.After reading high school, she said to Tang in wechat: “Teacher, I can have today, thanks to your encouragement.Your poems are a fresh stream of love that flows through my heart.”In teaching, Mr. Tang often inspires students’ associations and inspires students by taking advantage of the situation.His unique teaching method is very popular with students.His study group as a unit, first let students around the problem to read a book, while looking at the side of thinking, while exploring the side of discussion, and so on to answer the question, to students to close the book answer, according to the results of the answer, keep to the study group extra points to encourage.This teaching method, so that students never tire of learning, learning.Huang Jiacheng in the class is a very introverted boy. He does not like to show his ability, nor does he like to perform on stage or answer questions.After a period of training, when he heard the answer, his heart was itching, always ahead of the answer.If you want to do questions on the blackboard, is also the first to go to the platform, later he wrote in the composition: “Tang teacher, is you changed me, in primary school, I was very afraid of answering questions, let alone to do questions on the blackboard.For that alone, you are great!”The students taught by Mr. Tang rank among the best in the county every year.He also sorted out the students’ compositions into a book, and then published them in the class magazine “Sprout”, and then contributed to newspapers and magazines.More than 600 students have published more than 1700 compositions in more than 20 journals nationwide and won more than 500 awards in composition competitions at all levels in China.Now, at the age of 59, Tang Liangyun is still a force for progress. He is working on the Integration of Writing Teaching in Rural Middle Schools and Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture.His teaching paper “Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing into traditional Culture” won the second prize in the outstanding achievement evaluation of “Chinese Education in Primary and secondary schools and Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture”, the key planning topic of “13th Five-Year Plan” of Chinese Language Modernization Society.