Sharing: Tan Yanjie is full of fighting spirit in the competition

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Tan Yanjie, A driver supported by Youall, A company based in Fujian, competes in the highly competitive MiniGP 150 Group A at last year’s Weida GP.With years of racing experience, Tan is one of the few female drivers in China still actively involved in road racing in recent years.She initially competed mainly in the MiniGP class, competed in the domestic 300 cc class in 2019-20, and competed in 2019'CRRC National Road Motorcycle Championship, won a good performance (300 CC class annual third).More than a decade ago, between 2006 and 2012, it was common to see a large number of female drivers participating in Domestic racetracks, but in recent years, their presence has been reduced to a handful.However, with the increasing number of small drivers entering the field, this situation will soon change.Fujian Youli enterprise YOU-all was founded in June, 1996, is currently China’s motorcycle and general gasoline carburetor manufacturing enterprises, carburetor, electronic injection system supporting, is their fist products.In addition to MotoGP World Championship and ARRC Asian Road Championship, you-All logo is also active in many corners of domestic motorsport, especially in the field of child driver, which represents the future of Chinese motorsport. We and many fans in the circle agree that,They/they will be the dawn of Chinese motorsport.Chinese road racing rarely has A women’s race, so for the most part, both men and women race together, regardless of gender, including the MiniGP 150 A at Victa GP.This is a highly competitive and representative group of competitive level in China. The top three teams in this group are all riders with rich experience in “fighting” and “hand-to-hand fighting”.In the first round of the 2021 Veida GP/Sanshui Veida Cup held in April last year, Tan finished fourth in the MiniGP 150 Group A, fifth in the MiniGP 150 Group A, fifth in the MiniGP 150 Group A and fifth in the MiniGP 150 Group A.In both quarters, Tan kept a fast pace and kept pushing forward until the end of the race. In each 12-lap race, she ran her best lap of the race in the eighth lap after the first.In the second session, she ran the fastest lap of the session in the last lap.In may, tan, who also competed in MiniGP 150 Group A, finished fifth in both sections and finally took fifth place in the grand Prix.Postscript: the other day, the Chinese women’s team won the Asian cup champion, in addition to a lot of cheers, mixed with the “implication” some of the men’s soccer “be outraged by an injustice”, and lists some of the world women’s football development, the effect is the women’s inferior to men in terms of speed, strength, the project, so ornamental relatively inferior to men.Even in motor sports, such perceptions exist.I personally do not agree with this point of view, any movement, in addition to speed, strength and other basic visual elements, fighting spirit, exciting scenes on the impact of the mind, is also an important point to watch, although these seem very abstract, difficult to describe intuitively and different feelings.But if you are willing to put your heart into the game, it is still clear whether the fight is there or not — just as I never thought that the men’s volleyball is more enjoyable to watch than the Chinese women’s volleyball, or that the faster MotoGP/WGP500 class is necessarily more exciting than the much slower Moto3/GP125 class.The four-cylinder roar of the ARRC ASB1000 class is certainly more exciting than the single-cylinder bent beam set.Ignoring well-known physical traits and putting female and male athletes under the same conditions to prove the strength of men and women in a sport is like trying to match two strokes with a four-stroke machine, even though both are the same engine, the same model and the same reciprocating piston engine.From a big Angle of view to see the words, for motor sports, good engine is not everything, good tires is not everything, a screw is not universal, morale, tenacious fighting spirit, more is not everything, but without any of the above items, if you want to achieve the breakthrough of self, you can do nothing.