Here comes the call!The cooperative action of family, school and social education in Jiangsu province to seek for typical cases of “double reduction” for the whole province

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Yangtse Evening News network on April 8 (yun wang) “double reduction” background, what should we do?In order to implement family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China and Family Education Promotion Regulations of Jiangsu Province, further promote the work of “double reduction” in compulsory education, promote the construction of a new pattern of family, school and social cooperation in education, promote the majority of parents to raise children in accordance with the law, scientific parenting, and promote the healthy and happy growth of the majority of children,On the first day of winter vacation in 2022, Jiangsu Women’s Federation, Provincial Civilization Office, provincial Department of Education and Xinhua News Media Group jointly launched the family, school and social education coordinated action of “Talk to Grow up and Nurture New People” in Jiangsu Province. The activity will look for 100 families in the province who have good parenting skills.The “Jiangsu Top ten Well-parenting Families”, “Jiangsu Top Ten School Cooperation Cases” and “Jiangsu Top Ten Community Support Cases” will be elected. Relevant cases will be collected from the whole province.Yangzi Evening News has opened a collection channel, if you want to share your experience, welcome to come here and communicate with us!From now to May 5, 2022 Primary and secondary school families, primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Compulsory Education stage and communities in 13 districts and cities of Jiangsu ProvinceFamily members support the leadership of the Party, love the motherland, love socialism, consciously respect the law, study the law, abide by the law, practice socialist core values, and have good social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality.2. Parents insist on moral education, teaching by word of mouth and by example, guide their children with correct ideas, scientific methods and rational actions, and pay attention to the development of good habits, psychological quality improvement and sound personality cultivation of their children. The family atmosphere is harmonious and parent-child relationship is good.3. Parents have a comprehensive and scientific understanding of “double minus”, can rationally determine their children’s growth expectations, and actively cooperate with the school to form a set of practical and effective home-school communication and cooperation practices.1. The school implements family Education Promotion Law and Regulations of Jiangsu Province on Family Education Promotion, attaches importance to the important role of family education in children’s growth, and cares about students’ physical and mental health and all-round development.2. Relying on parents’ schools, the school regularly carries out family education guidance services in the form of parent meetings and private tutoring lectures, and establishes a relatively fixed home-school communication mechanism.3. Actively explore and implement the home-school cooperative innovation of “double reduction”, which effectively alleviates parents’ anxiety. The work of “double reduction” has achieved remarkable results, and formed a certain model that can be learned, copied and operated.1. Implement family Education Promotion Law and Family Education Promotion Regulations of Jiangsu Province, and pay attention to the construction of family traditions in community families.2. Relying on the advantages of “life-oriented” communities, family education and guidance services such as environmental atmosphere building, family archives building, parent-child activities and volunteer team building should be carried out in accordance with local conditions, so as to effectively play an important role of family education and family style in grassroots community governance.3. Targeted mobilization of community resources, the formation of fixed places, through after-school care and other ways to support schools and families, to help the implementation of the “double reduction”.The main contents are as follows: (1) Family education story: children’s basic information, parents’ understanding of “double reduction”, family education practice after “double reduction” (in the form of story or experience summary).(2) Home-school Cooperation Cases “Double minus” home-school cooperation innovation practice: basic background, home-school cooperation innovation practice, practice effect.(3) Community support cases “double reduction” practice of community assistance: basic information, innovative practice of family education guidance supporting the implementation of “double reduction”, and practical results.For the three types of cases, the corresponding form content (about 1500 words) should be filled in, and a separate sheet can be attached.Families with proper parenting children need to provide 2-3 JPG photos of family life in addition, the size of the photos is not less than 2M, 2000 pixels, no watermark, each photo with a paragraph of text explanation of 50 words or less.The application should be sent to ShengYuanYuan collection channels: