Guangxi Baise added “37+4″!”No entry, no exit” from today

2022-06-17 0 By

Seventy-nine new COVID-19 cases were reported in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the National Health Commission (NHC) said on Monday.There were 45 local cases (37 in Guangxi, all in Baise;Four cases were reported in Guangdong, including three in Shenzhen and one in Guangzhou.Three cases were reported in Beijing, including one in Chaoyang district, one in Fengtai District and one in Xicheng District.One case in Tianjin and one case in Hebei), including one asymptomatic case in Beijing.Fifty-one asymptomatic cases were reported, including 10 in China (5 in Heilongjiang province, all in Heihe;Five cases were reported in Guangxi, including four in Baise city and one in Nanning city.On February 6, most shops in debao County, Baise, Guangxi province were closed due to the outbreak.In Guangxi, 207,506 people had been sampled in the first round of nucleic acid testing as of 12 o ‘clock Saturday, with 98 people tested positive and 87 to be retested.Baise city 7 at 0 o ‘clock, the implementation of the whole area “no entry, no exit” measures;Baise implemented “no entry, no exit” measures between counties and towns within the jurisdiction of Baise;Townships, villages (communities) are under strict internal control. People and vehicles are not allowed to move unless necessary, and gathering of people is prohibited.Strict control was implemented in Baise, with all highway intersections temporarily closed and border ports delayed normal opening;”No entry, no exit” control measures are implemented at the airport, and “no entry or exit” measures are implemented at the airport after stopping aircraft;All high-speed rail stations within the jurisdiction of the implementation of “no up or down” measures;Highway passenger transport temporarily suspended, private vehicles suspended cross – regional access.Baise took home quarantine measures from 0:00 on July 7.Schools and training institutions were closed, and public transport was suspended.Except for supermarkets, farmers’ markets, hospitals and pharmacies, all other businesses will be closed.