“Civilized Practice in the New Era” Ranzhuang Village: The living environment shows the beautiful countryside in the painting

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After the Spring Festival, Ranzhuang Village of Niyang Town took improving the living environment as an important way to improve people’s sense of gain and happiness. Based on reality, a series of measures were taken to improve the appearance of the village, improve people’s quality of life, and inject new momentum into rural revitalization.01 grasp of project construction, promote the living environment quality, and the efficiency RanZhuang village in recent years, with the airport link along the living environment improvement project as an opportunity, in accordance with the unified design, government subsidies, farmers build houses along the way of cable roof upgrading, as well as the connection wire around 113, 385 houses metope paint,At the same time, 268 dilemidated houses in 63 buildings of the village were demolished or repaired and strengthened, which further improved the overall environment of Ranzhuang Village.02 grasp key areas, laying solid foundation clean-up work since 2021, the town party committee, government, under the guidance of RanZhuang village party branch established scribing area, phased environmental health regulation, the working train of thought of the first stage mainly cleaning, landscaping, governance RanZhuang ZhuangJiangWu before crossing – store – village service center along the main road between the party and the masses.The second phase mainly focuses on other roads along the village.At the same time, relying on the construction of farmhouse, the surrounding houses were hung with red pepper and corn on the cob to highlight the atmosphere of culture and harvest.Ranzhuang Village has set up a working group for environmental health improvement, forming a working system under the charge of the Party branch secretary, the specific implementation of each president, and the daily supervision of the director of the village supervision Committee.The main roads, public squares, front and back of village houses and other environmental hygiene problems should be cleaned up and improved.At the same time, Ranzhuang village further strengthen the publicity of rural environmental health, so that the masses from the ideological understanding of the importance of hygiene, environmental protection, through the selection of beautiful gardens and other forms of urging farmers to protect the environment, to create a good atmosphere for everyone to love the environment, to build a beautiful home.Supervisor: Bai Changqing Audit: He Xiaopeng Pu Yutao editor: Wang Yuxiang