Blindly stick nose can treat rhinitis, nasal polyp, learn at once!

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Share a very wonderful very good small folk prescription, do not need to take medicine, can fix rhinitis.What is it?Please bear with me.There is a treasure mother, said his baby six years old, because of a cold left sequela, rhinitis.Why is that?Because she did not use the method of traditional Chinese medicine to treat the baby cold, because at that time she did not believe in traditional Chinese medicine.She treated her child’s cold with western medicine.Western medicine cold medicine is simple and crude directly strangle the symptom, but not really cure the cold, just temporarily pressure the symptom, let you mistakenly think that the cold is good.Originally, the baby is cold, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, if in accordance with the method of Traditional Chinese medicine, with xinwen jieyu medicine, the cold in the body out of the good, will not leave rhinitis sequela.Using western medicine for cold and cold is just to suppress the symptoms artificially, and the pathogenic cold that causes colds is also suppressed in the body.Leaving rhinitis sequela, the treasure mom still to continue the wrong treatment, the doctor says is rhinitis, well, since it is inflammation eat anti-inflammatory drugs, bai, so eat anti-inflammatory drugs rhinitis would remain a month, stuffy nose is also more and more serious, every morning after I get to play dozens of sneezing, nasal water also much more special, how to brush and brush up, serious impact on the life, also affect learning.Got rhinitis why cannot eat antiphlogistic medicine at random?Because the cause of the baby’s rhinitis is a chill in the body, there is a chill in the lungs, not heat, nor heat in the lungs, anti-inflammatory drugs are very cold and cool, if it is a heat syndrome with a little anti-inflammatory drugs pour just as well, now the body is cold evil flooding, you still use cold anti-inflammatory drugs, is it not worse?No wonder baby’s rhinitis will be more and more serious.In fact, this precious mother is not alone. How many parents in China are like this precious mother?The child caught a cold indiscriminately gave the child western medicine cold medicine, the result left a lot of sequelae, asthma, cough, rhinitis and so on, rhinitis is the most.Now children get a large rhinitis, and disorderly take cold medicine, disorderly take antibiotics, and disorderly take anti-inflammatory drugs.The precious mother was very worried, saying that her child refused to take traditional Chinese medicine and would vomit if he drank it.I gave him a pill free solution. What is it?Cut angelica into thin slices, and then put angelica into two nostril, stick at night, stick to sleep, the next morning to get up to take out angelica pieces.So the treasure mother went back and did it, really unexpected, too incredible, treasure mother feedback said, paste three days have effect.The baby said the next morning up, the nose is unobstructed, no breathing difficulties.For seven days, even sneezing stopped in the morning, and for another seven days, nose water did not stay.Bao Ma took advantage of the victory, a total of a month, the baby’s rhinitis recovered.Why does bai Zhi stick nostril to be able to do rhinitis?Because angelica dahurica is the temperature of the surface medicine, the property of the lung, the spleen and stomach.Angelica can put the lungs inside the cold out, no cold bondage, lung can xuan hair, lung qi xuan hair, lung in the nose, the nose is through.When there is cold or heat in the lung, the lung will be blocked, not xuan hair, or xuan hair is not thorough, Chinese medicine called lung qi yong plug.Someone asked, the medicine that traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of temperature to solve a table, for instance ephedra cassia branch ginger and so on, why unluckily stick nose with angelica dahurica, and need not other medicinal materials?This is because the angelica dahurica not only XinWen nourish the medicine, and it is a special treat rhinitis medicine, it has the acrid scent, aromatic begin to understand, the scent of general medicine can amuse oneself, only will begin to understand, strong fragrant nose is lung tips, angelica dahurica into the lung, and so sweet, natural can open lung tip nose cough up.In Traditional Chinese medicine, angelica dahurica’s unique function is called kai Qiao tong nose.And angelica also has the effect of detumescence discharge, when the nose inside swelling, there are a lot of thick mucus, angelica can detumescence, can discharge pus.In short, angelica dahurica is a specific medicine for rhinitis.Because angelica dahurica is a symplectic surface medicine, is a heat medicine, so the treatment of rhinitis caused by lung cold is better.But a lot of people can not distinguish their rhinitis after all is cold or hot, this time can use angelica stick nose, because no matter it is cold or hot, the unique aroma of angelica angelica can open nose, let your nose breathe freely.Generally speaking, the color of nasal mucus can be divided into cold and hot, if it is clear nasal mucus is cold, if it is yellow nasal mucus is hot.If rhinitis is more serious, but also too troublesome can use angelica paste four points, the treatment of rhinitis effect is better, the four points are: Fengchi point, Yingxiang point, Yintang point, Lung Shu point.Of course, to deal with rhinitis, our traditional Chinese medicine has a very regular formula, it is recommended to prescribe after dialectic.Well, that’s all for now, and thank you for reading.For more exciting content, come to pay attention to the Chinese medicine otolaryngology Doctor Ji