A shares spread for many years of 10 big stock classic formula, this is the avenue to the simple, speak too thoroughly

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In A shares for 30 years, there are some formula because of high accuracy, so it has been continuously spread up to now, that today to share A heavy dry article — stock trading ten classic formula, gold content is very high;Whether you’re new to the market or a veteran investor, if you’re going to stay in the market for the next five years, take a look and remember.Let’s enter the theme: the first formula: as long as the price bottom, stretch while washing, into two retreat one, do not suspect that there is a big surprise behind;That is to say, when the stock price determines the bottom, and then the rebound begins to rise, then the stretch must be in accordance with the process of pulling up the washing dish, pulling up, washing dish so back and forth alternately, rather than saying that one breath pulled to the end.The second formula: contraposition horizontal dish to small rise, contraposition small rise to rise, contraposition horizontal dish to small drop, contraposition small drop to big drop;It means that when the market is down, the stock is in a sideways state, then as long as the market stabilizes, then the stock in the sideways will rise;There is also when the market is up, the stock is in a sideways or down state, so once the stock began to fall, the related stock will fall.The third formula: index with the amount of price change, the amount of price is the source of indicators, do not look at the amount of price letter index, fry every day frown;Basically, all the indicators you can think of, such as MACD, KDJ, moving average and so on, are actually calculated according to the volume energy and price, all technical analysis to see the volume price priority;I have also shared an article about the relationship between quantity and price before, and the details are very detailed. Interested friends can click on the home page after reading this article.The fourth formula: up trend to see support, down trend to see the main force;When the stock is in the process of rising trend, relying on the success rate of support line operation will be very high, and when stepping back will be a good low suction opportunity;And in the stock is in the process of falling trend, the success rate of resistance line is very high, when the attack main line near, is a very good sell time.The fifth formula: the bottom of changyang for the first time, firmly hold to the market;It means that when a fish has been floating on the bottom for a long time, suddenly one day it pulls out a big sun line, the length of this sun line is often impossible to judge, because of the long time of consolidation, attention becomes very low;But when he suddenly pulled up, it will attract the attention of a lot of traders, funds will continue to chase in, so the increase will be more and more;And the original hold because of the long-term consolidation of the stock price, the patience at this time has basically no, a sharp rise can not help but out of the impulse, this part of the people often regret the next day, because at this time the bottom has just started, the next day will have a good performance;So at least hold on until the market closes.The sixth formula: shrinkage callback do not have to run, there is no quantity must run;This means that when a stock is in an upward trend, if it contracts on a downward trend, then there is no need to worry;But if the stock price hits a new high with no volume, or only a little volume, it means that fewer and fewer people are actively buying, which is a clear signal of a top.The seventh formula: high horizontal plate and then high, seize the opportunity to prepare to throw, low horizontal plate and new low, high probability of good opportunity;This we should pay attention to, when the stock in the high sideways after a new high, we should be alert to a banker’s lure or shipment, the reduction of cangang reduction, the departure of the field, do not hesitate;When a stock in the low horizontal after the new low, and soon recovered, should be the gold pit.The eighth formula: general hot stock not love, holding to often change, fry to the end, must be empty;Very simple truth, do not go up only the stock that does not fall, after fried, be about to often change, when otherwise wait to fall back to cost price, it is a basket of bamboo draw water for nothing.The ninth formula: make money just add code, lose money not evenly spread;This often a lot of friends can make contrary, the stock that wants profit commonly wants to add storehouse up, and not just fill storehouse after deficit, otherwise change early evening party to appear fill cannot move when.There is a saying called cut losses and let profits run.The tenth formula: first-class players to find the plate, second-rate players catch a stock, third-rate players see indicators, the last player is a gambler;Meaning is very simple, fry want to make money, must first look for a direction;To be optimistic about the plate, and then to judge how high the winning rate of the plate, followed by a stock, the last is to see indicators;If you just do it by feeling, you’re a gambler.The above is the whole essence of the top ten classic formula, are countless predecessors with real money and silver summed up, I hope you can help after reading.