World no. 1 lost the reason exposed, Liu Guoliang said to be fair, the opponent was too lucky

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The WTT Macau Open has come to a perfect end. On the last day of the tournament, the semifinals and finals of the events that fans have been waiting for will be held on this day.So on this last day of competition, the attention of the fans is very high.It can be said that the WTT Macau Open, hit a lot of unexpected results.For example, fan Zhendong and Ma Long, who were highly anticipated on the final day of the men’s singles, failed to reach the semifinals.The expected duel between the two failed.If Malone was eliminated by Wang Chuqin because Malone ignored the game did not seriously train, enthusiasm is not high words but also excusable.But Fan Zhendong was a 00 after the young xu Yingbin out of the surprise, that will not be expected.Fan Zhendong, as the new top male table tennis player, has been convincing in singles.Silver medal of men’s singles at Tokyo Olympic Games, gold medal of men’s singles at World Table Tennis Championships and gold medal of men’s singles at Singapore division of WTT World Cup.So when the outstanding Fan Zhendong was an unknown young talent eliminated how can it not surprise people.And January 23 is fan Zhendong’s birthday. Before that, fan Zhendong and Kuaiman’s mixed doubles team defeated Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin, gold medalist in the World Table Tennis Championships, which was shocking enough.The media also fan Zhendong, Kuaiman once touted, the first team can achieve such a proud result.Unfortunately, on fan’s birthday, he not only failed to reach the semifinals in men’s singles, but was swept away by Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen in mixed doubles, which was a double blow.This birthday surprise didn’t come as a friendly surprise.Originally, fans knew that 23rd was Fan zhendong’s birthday, so they began to congratulate fan on his victory in advance.But the reversal has come so fast, can only say that there is no absolute win or loss on the field, who have missteps.All in all, Fan Zhendong must be in a very bad mood after losing two games in a row on his birthday.I’m afraid I will remember this birthday.After fan Zhendong’s shock loss, people are still most concerned about why Fan failed.In fact, seeing the whole thing, it really has something to do with the birthday.Chairman Liu Guoliang, as a spectator of the whole match, offered comfort to Fan zhendong at the first time after the loss.Liu guoliang, president of WTT, said fan’s birthday was on that day and the WTT organizing committee planned to hold a small ceremony to celebrate fan’s birthday.Other team members will also send birthday wishes to Fan on the day.Therefore, all these things made Fan Zhendong’s mind unstable. His mind is very important in the competition, and all these things will disrupt Fan Zhendong’s competition state. Everyone expects fan Zhendong to get a good result on his birthday, which is a kind of pressure for Fan Zhendong.Sometimes too much pursuit of perfection, in fact, it is easier to lose perfection.Therefore, Fan zhendong played too tight during the match and did not release his strength, which is also the reason why he was eliminated.Because today is a special day, so affected by the fluctuation of psychological factors, played a counter-effect of the shock defeat.This is undoubtedly a good thing for Xu Yingbin, after all, he defeated a brother who is much stronger than himself in comprehensive strength on this day, or under the eyes of the public, to increase a lot of exposure and popularity for himself.Although the final men’s singles champion was Lin Gaoyuan, xu yingbin’s trip to Macao was worth beating the world no. 1 Fan Zhendong.I hope xu Yingbin can take advantage of this opportunity to soar to the sky, and strive for more matches and better results, and get the key training of the National Table Tennis team.