Why don’t you see rice Belle on Rice Belle Street in Beauty County

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Every time the friends from other places always ask, how can not see the beauty in the rice street, there are also a lot of articles on the Internet mentioned rice fat aunt in vain.In fact, as a native rice people, how many years can see the real rice beauty is not a lot of opportunities, after all, ordinary people.The biggest difference between rice beauty and beauty in other parts of the country is the round face, commonly known as “cake face”, unlike the southern beauty most of the melon seed face.Rice cream belongs to the dry area, the light intensity is very high, so the skin of rice cream beauty is not particularly white, but ruddy with a little luster.The real rice beauty is always hidden in deep alleys, can only be met by chance.In my impression, she is a beautiful woman with straight legs, round face, red eyes and not particularly good skin. But she can best represent the beauty image of rice. If you want to see the beauty of rice, you are waiting in this place.There may be a genetic reason why rice women are beautiful.Historical records show that Mizhi is a multi-ethnic area, and there were xiongnu, Xianbei, Jie, Di, Qiang, Dangxiang, Tujue, Huihe, Nuzhen, Mongolia and other ethnic groups living in mizhi intermingled with the Han residents. The beauty in Mizhi may have inherited the genes of high appearance level of these ethnic groups.Women’s beauty may also have something to do with drinking rice and millet.Rice fat millet is rich in a variety of vitamins, protein, fat, trace elements and minerals, with the effect of reducing wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, as well as nourishing Yin and blood function, can make maternal body cold deficiency get nourishing.Rice woman is not only beautiful in appearance, but also beautiful in heart.Rice zhi woman kind-hearted, hardworking brave, hard-working, thrifty, under the kitchen, out of the hall, inside and outside the master, very respected by men.Now rice fat aunt, all over the motherland, dedication in the modernization of all fronts.(Li Shengya) Edited: Fan Jing, Reproached: Ma Ning