“The World” : Yin Tao and Lei Jiayin staged a shocking love, after suffering into the fruit

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TV series “the world” eye-catching is Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan astonishing love, Yin Tao and Lei Jianyin performance moving – at first is Zhou Bingkun by water artefact and “cotton monkey” commissioned, to be shot workmate Tu Zhiqiang widow Zheng Juan to send living costs, because Zheng Juan pregnant.Zhou Bingkun came to Zheng Juan home, marvel at the beauty of Zheng Juan, was deeply attracted by her.This is Zhou Bingkun “food color” of the natural performance, from now on to Zheng Juan heart read, until he zheng Juan table of affection, but Zheng Juan said she also want to him, two people will embrace together.Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun together Zheng Juan is humble, she and her blind brother are sold Popsicle mother picked up, living in the bottom of the city.For life, she is attached to tu Zhiqiang of lumber factory worker, want to marry Tu Zhiqiang.She didnt expect tu Zhiqiang and water artesian is gay, marry her is a cover.Did not expect in Tu Zhiqiang and water flow drunk, their so-called brothers “cotton monkey” Luo Shibin raped her, broke her a rib.Unfortunately pregnant Zheng Juan has not gotten marriage certificate with Tu Zhiqiang, even the widow is not.Living at the bottom zheng Juan Zheng Juan on the string of sugar gourd to make a living Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun’s first meeting Zheng Juan is beautiful and kind, so she hates water artefact and Luo Shibin, once refused their help.When she knew to send money to Zhou Bingkun put the hard money together to her, but also often care to help her family, very grateful To Zhou Bingkun.She understood chow’s love for her, and even promised to return the favor, without any commitment or burden from Chow.And, Zheng Juan put their own everything including the child is who, all told Zhou Bingkun, let Zhou Bingkun to choose.And Zhou Bingkun decided as always with Zheng Juan together, in the water aridity and Luo Shibin in prison, when the family bracelets, continue to give Zheng Juan home to send living expenses.The blind brother of Zhou bingkun and Zheng Juan frankly, zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun would never have worked out.Their family background is different. Zhou Bingkun was born in a worker’s family, and his father Zhou Zhigang was a builder of the “big three line”, a typical root red miao zheng.Zheng Juan’s family is similar to the city’s “blind flow”, the family situation is so complex, the burden is so heavy.Therefore, Zhou Bingkun’s eldest brother Zhou Bingyi saw Zheng Juan, on the one hand identify with Zheng Juan outstanding appearance, on the one hand clearly expressed opposition, to Zhou Bingkun said beyond the range of parental acceptance.After that, Zheng Juan’s child grew up, she took the initiative to reject Zhou Bingkun’s help, the relationship between the two seems to draw an end.Zhou Bingkun’s eldest brother Zhou Bingyi saw Zheng Juan turning in the zhou home crisis, Zhou Bingkun’s sister and brother-in-law had an accident, the daughter Yue Yue zhou home, Zhou Bingkun’s mother became a vegetable.Zhou Bingkun for help, go to Zheng Juan to take care of her mother.Zheng Juanyi with his brother and son came to zhou home, take good care of Zhou Bingkun’s mother.Especially in Zhou Bingkun feel that he will have an accident caught, the family affairs completely entrusted to Zheng Juan, Zheng Juan took up the burden, until Zhou Bingkun return.Zheng Juan to zhou Bingkun to help Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan look after Zhou Bingkun’s mother later, Zhou Bingkun’s mother woke up, father Zhou Zhigang home, understand everything, let Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan together.Zheng Juan won the love of Zhou Bingkun with his kind-hearted and pay, obtained the recognition of Zhou Jia, married with Zhou Bingkun.After the reform and opening up, luo Shibin released from prison developed, to zhou’s son rob.Zhou Bingkun and Luo Shibin fell after the dispute, Luo Shibin became a vegetable died.Zhou Bingkun is sentenced to prison, after more than 10 years is released from prison, arrive old hand in hand with Zheng Juan.This ending is written in the original work, so it is not likely that the plot will differ too much.Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan love each other zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan xiucheng