Resumption of work and production | closed-loop management precision policy

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On December 23, 2021, with the further upgrading of epidemic prevention and control policies, The whole city of Xi ‘an was put into lockdown.Xi ‘an Branch of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Xi ‘an Branch”) is facing the risk of pressing the “pause button” on a series of major national special tasks, such as manned space engineering, and great challenges in scientific research and production tasks.Upon receiving the practical difficulties reported by Xi ‘an Branch, the space Base immediately assisted xi ‘an Branch in establishing a closed management system, improving various safeguard measures, implementing xi ‘an epidemic prevention policies from aspects of top-level system and park management, and fully assisting Xi ‘an Branch in carrying out closed management.Starting from midnight on December 23, 2021, all entrances and exits of xi ‘an Branch College park have been closed in accordance with regulations, disinfection and extermination have been carried out in the park, nucleic acid tests have been conducted continuously by operators in the park, and non-contact transfer of necessities into the park has been carried out to prevent imported epidemic diseases.”The Xi ‘an branch has about 750 employees since it was put under closed management.”Officials from the Xi ‘an Branch introduced that the xi ‘an Branch overcame difficulties during the epidemic prevention and control period and successfully launched six satellites, successfully completing the launch mission of the 2021 model on time.As the epidemic situation gradually improve, xi ‘an has released the xi ‘an COVID – 19 community prevention and control epidemic area adjustment plan, space base fast response actively, make enterprise to return to work and production the jurisdiction of the job specification and standard process, and simplify the administrative examination and approval process at the same time, according to the requirements of the “seven must”, preparation of standard forms, refine the 35 work elements,It laid a solid institutional foundation for the resumption of work and production.In order to accelerate the orderly resumption of work and production of enterprises under the jurisdiction, relevant persons in charge of Aerospace Base went to Xi ‘an Branch for many times to interpret policy requirements for enterprises and explain the “package” supporting schemes provided by Aerospace Base for enterprises under the jurisdiction to strengthen confidence for the resumption of work and production of Xi ‘an Branch.”In accordance with the requirements of the resumption of work and production, xi ‘an Branch will take responsibility for prevention and control.In terms of personnel management, the minimum unit management should be implemented for those who resume work and production, and publicity and education should be strengthened.In terms of site management, we will carry out comprehensive elimination work and further implement epidemic prevention and control measures.”Xi ‘an branch concerned person in charge said.On January 18, 2022, the COVID-19 prevention and control Headquarters of the Space Base conducted an efficient review of the resumption plan and on-site management of the Xi ‘an Branch, and agreed that the Xi ‘an Branch, as the first scientific research enterprise of the space base, should gradually and orderly resume work and production, with the current resumption rate exceeding 90%.