Reality: How great is a mother’s love?The man owed 760,000 missing loan sharks, 60 years old mother 7 years to pay off

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One night in 2007, Li Xueying, who was in her 60s, was sleeping at home when a loud banging sound and a man’s cursing sound came from outside her door. Li stood up to open the door to see what was going on.When he opened the door, a tall, rude man walked in, carrying a baseball bat, followed by seven or eight young thugs. The leader shouted to Li, “Old woman, your son owed us money, and now he’s lost his way, so we can only ask you to pay him back!”Hearing this, Lee was shocked. Her son is a public official working at a public institution. How could he owe money to others?She asked how much his son owed and got a response that nearly choked her.When She was young, Li Xueying was a respected teacher of the people. She and her husband formed a happy family. They gave birth to a son and a daughter.As a teacher, Li xue-ying attached great importance to the education of her children and sent both her son and daughter to college in the 1990s, when the value of undergraduates was high.Li xueying’s son, Wang Kunpeng, was admitted to a local public institution after graduating from college, becoming the envy of everyone and a representative young and promising figure in the eyes of others.She got a good job and found a boyfriend, and they were soon engaged and married.In this way, the family’s life is happy and happy, but Li Xueying is old and has reached the retirement age. After retirement, Li Xueying, as a teacher, has a pension of more than 500 yuan every month. Her son and daughter have their own income, and everything is developing in a good direction.Because greed fell into the abyss in Li Xueying thought he could safely spend the rest of his life, his son Wang Kun Peng did a thing, let the fate of the family has a big turning point.Wang Kunpeng entered a public institution after graduation and lived a very stable life from five to nine, which made him feel a bit bored.When he was in college, his grades were relatively good, so he thought highly of himself and always thought that his present unit was condescending.He always thought he was a genius and would make a lot of money in business, so he began to wonder how he could make a lot of money while still doing his job.It was 2006, when China’s stock market began to flourish, many people chose to invest their wealth in the stock market, believing that they could make a lot of money by investing in stocks.And Wang Kunpeng also saw this situation, see around a lot of people have made a lot of money through the stock market, he felt more and more itching, think that they will be able to make a lot of money into the stock market.So they put all their savings into the stock market, hoping to make money through speculation, but speculation is not so simple, in the stock market in addition to a few people can make money, most of the other people are “leek” just.Soon, Wang Kunpeng’s savings all lost, lost the bottom, if the average person, see so much money lost, will certainly stop in time, never set foot in the stock market.Can kun-peng wang, he thinks he is a stock market genius, as long as you continue to invest, will certainly to earn back the money before, and hold the idea, he began to borrow money from relatives and friends around, the relatives and friends asked him why he borrow money, he only said there is urgent need, although the relatives and friends feel strange, but the thought of his usual appearance, feel can trust, or lend money to him.In this way, Wang Kun peng before and after the loan of more than one hundred thousand yuan, the money and all invested in the stock market, hoping to quickly recover the capital, make a lot of money.However, god opened a big joke with him, his hundreds of thousands of water drift, all disappeared.At this time Wang Kun peng began to be impatient, he began to scratch his head, and at this time he has been blinded by greed, under the action of greed, he borrowed money from usury, before and after a total of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and put all the hundreds of thousands of dollars into the stock market, and then disappeared like magic.At this time, Wang Kunpeng realized what kind of mistake he had made. He began to be afraid and wanted to pay back the money, but he borrowed from usury. The interest was thousands of dollars a day, and the interest was rolling.In 2007, this figure was no different than an astronomical figure, which made Wang Feel desperate. Finally, Wang Came to the overpass, jumped from the bridge, and wanted to end his own life.Fortunately, there are many pedestrians under the bridge, saw Wang Kunpeng struggling in the river, rescued him, and sent home, and at this time, Wang Kunpeng home loan sharks just go.Li Xueying just sent off loan shark collectors, it did not take long to see others sent back Wang Kunpeng, this just know what happened.Li Xueying qian En wan Xie, to save Wang Kunpeng’s good Samaritan away, this can sit down and ask his son what happened.In the face of the mother’s pressing, Wang Kunpeng see really can’t hide, can only tell all things, Wang Kunpeng shame, but as a mother, Li Xueying even angry, also feel very helpless.Now that the matter has been clear, Li Xueying said she can only try to pay back the money, but Li Xueying’s pension and Wang Kunpeng’s salary are not high, even if the debt of more than 700,000 yuan will not be finished.Wang Kunpeng said to Li Xueying, want to go to the south to work, make more money, and try to pay off debts, Li Xueying agreed, so Wang Kunpeng resigned the unit work, go to the south to work, go with Li Xueying said he would soon come back, Li Xueying believed.Li Xueying thought that his son would work well over there, save enough money will come back, but lost the news of Wang Kunpeng, the phone can no longer play, write no one back, and Li Xueying completely lost contact.Faced with the loss of her son, Li xueying had to pay back the debt by herself. At first, Li Xueying took out most of her pension fund to pay off the debt, but this was only a drop in the bucket and could not solve the problem.In desperation, Li Xueying can only sell the wedding house bought for his son, sold more than two hundred thousand, to repay part of the debt, and this event also let the debt collectors see Li Xueying’s sincerity, so decided to loan period, no longer step by step, just let Li Xueying repay as soon as possible.While it’s still up more than 20, but there are still more than 50 holes, desperate xue-ying li, sold his house live, sold to more than ten again to repay part of the debt, their rented around the neighborhood of a hut, but neighbors more considerate, didn’t also asked xue-ying li for the rent, so also alleviate the pressure part of xue-ying li.Li Xueying’s daughter in order to help her mother, after discussing with her husband, took out more than 300,000 yuan from home to Li Xueying, which made Li Xueying feel very happy and ashamed, but her son-in-law said that this is what they should do, so that Wang Kunpeng’s debt only left more than 200,000 yuan.In order to pay off the debt as soon as possible, Li Xueying has retired and started to look for a job, but she has been more than 60 years old to find a suitable job, can only find a dishwasher, cleaner such as simple jobs, the salary is not much, Li Xueying often save water bottles to sell money when free.Later Li Xueying thought of a way to make money, that is to set up stalls to sell things, Li Xueying use their skills steamed a lot of wowtou launched to sell, did not think of the effect is strange, people used to eat big fish meat but love li Xueying’s wowtou, soon sold out on the day.After that, Li Xueying began to specialize in selling wowtou, and her daily income was considerable, much stronger than when she was a cleaner or a dishwasher. Moreover, many customers were very sympathetic when they heard about Li Xueying’s experience and often went to buy them, giving Li Xueying a great help.In this way, Li Xueying went out early and returned late every day, and had a large income every day, and there were many kind-hearted people to help Li Xueying with seven years, finally paid off Wang Kunpeng’s debt.Heart of pitiful world parents, for wang Kunpeng’s own selfish desire, the Li Xueying that should enjoy the joy of family life is forced to live in the rough, hard repay debts.When the TV station interviewed Her, She simply said to the camera, “Son, mom has paid all the money she owed. Please hurry back.”