On the fifth day of the Spring Festival holiday, jinan’s 26 scenic spots received 348,000 visitors, with revenue exceeding 10 million

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu One Point reporter Cheng Linggrun On February 4, Jinan Culture and Tourism Bureau released the fifth edition of Jinan Holiday Japanese tourism briefing for 2022 Spring Festival holiday. On that day, the 26 scenic spots monitored in jinan received 348,000 tourists, achieving a business revenue of 13.787 million yuan.On the fifth day of the Spring Festival holiday, more and more citizens go out of doors and enter cultural venues and scenic spots. Various kinds of holiday Japanese tourism activities organized by Jinan Culture and Tourism Bureau not only meet the diverse needs of citizens and tourists, but also create a strong atmosphere of celebrating the Spring Festival.On February 4, the world’s first Spring Scenic Spot received 91,000 tourists, Qianfoshan Scenic Area received 13,900 tourists, Impression Jinan spring World Tourism Scenic spot received 67,400 tourists, Sunac Culture Tourism City received 65,000 tourists, Huayi Brothers Film Town received 70,300 tourists;The city received a total of 36,700 registered accommodation passengers;A total of 47,200 passengers were transported by transport, including 19,900 by railway, 14,000 by civil aviation and 13,300 by road.On February 4, the city’s cultural market law enforcement teams at all levels dispatched 281 law enforcement personnel to carry out on-site inspections of epidemic prevention, safety and law-abiding operations in key Internet cafes, entertainment venues, cinemas, scenic spots and other crowded places.A total of 106 cultural tourism business units were inspected, and the problems found in the inspection were ordered to rectify in a timely manner.It is understood that Jinan adhere to the 24-hour duty and leadership on duty system, and 12345 public service hotline to establish a linkage emergency response mechanism, in a timely manner to deal with holiday consumer complaints.At the same time, Jinan has established a linkage mechanism between district and county cultural and tourism departments to timely dispatch and accurately grasp market operation, epidemic prevention and control, market supervision, law enforcement and inspection.The city’s holiday tourism market is stable and orderly, and no tourism safety accidents occurred.