New place to clock in this year: The new Town of Biotechnology invites you to have an encounter with cherry blossoms

2022-06-16 0 By

“The third phase of the project continues the tradition of planting more than 600 cherry trees along the sides of the runway, bringing the total number of cherry trees to around 2,000.When people come here in late spring, they can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom!”Recently, in the ecological science and technology new city of three rivers and six banks of the park phase iii construction site, a person in charge of the introduction, the park in phase I, phase II on the basis of continued expansion, additional landscaping, parking lots and other supporting facilities.It is understood that the ecological science and technology new city of Three rivers and six banks of the park covers a total area of about 1.03 million square meters, surrounding mainly residential and business.The park is positioned as a kid-friendly wild fun and play area, a vacation and leisure area with cultural innovation, and a demonstration area of diverse habitats.After the early stage of the construction, the main park on both sides have multiple features and communion with water wetland landscape, combined with a piece of forest type depended greening technique, create the density, a colorful landscape, the culture, hydrophilic, mobility, safety of east road of wenchang along the riverside park has become a beautiful beautiful scenery line.”The second section is landscaped with trees such as camphor tree, tallow tree and red maple tree, so that the park can enjoy the scenery in every season.The next stage of construction for section 3 of the car park is asphalt.””With the parking lot, it will be much more convenient for citizens and tourists to come to the park to enjoy the flowers when they are in full bloom at the end of spring,” the official said.In addition to green, park construction also pay attention to white processing, maintain the original ecological natural scenery, showing the beautiful waterfront scenery of soft water shore.Walking along the road at the top of the park’s embankment, you can see thick reeds growing along the bank.Reeds swaying in the wind form a picture of winter scenery.The person in charge of the introduction of water a few decades old poplar tree, also because of their protection and retained down.”The trees are big and beautiful.During construction, we dug a trench for the tree to drain water during the flood season.”The person in charge said that the three rivers and six banks of the park geographical position is very special, nearby jinwan River, Mangdao River, new river, etc.Every flood season, water may rise to the top of the embankment road under the slope protection.Therefore, the riverfront walkway is permeable, and aquatic plants are basically used for greening.One of the key points of the third phase of the project is to build a small square in the park.Special-shaped tree pool, cloud sculpture lamp, arch sculpture…With the installation of various buildings and lights, the small square also reveals its true appearance.”The sculpture is already in place, and when the rest of the lighting is done and the circuitry is connected, the small square at night will be very beautiful and enjoyable to watch.””Said the superintendent.In recent years, the new city of ecological science and technology has laid out the park system of “one ring, one core, one axis” in a scientific concept in the garden of the city park, and constantly improve the ecological environment.By creating the landmark landscape space, leisure space and industrial space of the new city, the charm of the new city is carefully carved.Park-like good ecological and living environment has become an important factor to attract high-level talents and sci-innovation enterprises to take root in the new city, thus promoting the development of sci-innovation industry.