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Los Angeles (AP) — The Los Angeles Lakers lost 111-110 to the Los Angeles Clippers with one point scored 4.1 seconds left in the regular-season finale of the Los Angeles Derby.He finished with 30 points and 17 rebounds, but had to join the air force because melo was injured and his teammates weren’t great.From the two teams assist data, highlighting the two teams are completely different tactics and tactics style.It both sides have their absence, the lakers James on the sidelines due to injury, the clippers George and Leonard injury absence for a long time, also widely expected the lakers win will be bigger, but in the process of the game in the first half, the lakers’ second unit’s main weapon emplacements Anthony because of a hamstring injury had to drop out of the game, which makes the lakers’ offense in the second half space is small,The clippers are using contraction defense strategy to deal with opponents, the game played very stalemate, the last three minutes, the script of staged the fairy to fight you to both sides is very lively, the clippers in the final 4.1 seconds reggie singles hit bottom line turned out 2 points ahead 1 minute, then the elder brother of the heavy eyebrows and toss the ball in the frontcourt, the lakers one defeat.However, the Lakers didn’t play as a team, relying more on individual offense, while the Clippers played as a team without the dual core and focused on sharing the ball. The Clippers led the game by 10 assists, 29 to 19, so it made sense for them to win.One point shihua view point