Japanese journalist praises China’s epidemic prevention during the Winter Olympics: smiling eyes under heavy protective clothing

2022-06-16 0 By

Beijing, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) — The 24th Winter Olympics opened in Beijing on Thursday night, and the media around the world are also paying attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic.On June 6, Japanese media published articles describing the quarantine conditions experienced by Japanese journalists in China, praising “all the friendly staff with smiling eyes under thick protective suits”.A reporter from The Daily said she was greeted by staff wearing protective suits when she arrived at the Chinese airport.When you go to the hotel, when you go to the restaurant, there are employees in protective suits everywhere.”We have to wear ‘KN95’ masks every day, and journalists are not allowed to eat or drink in their workplace.There are many quarantine rules at work, such as having to eat in designated areas and having disinfectant everywhere you go.”A reporter from Beijing Capital International Airport noted that although he was in a strange environment and surrounded by staff wearing protective clothing, “if you look closely, you can see smiling eyes and friendly eyes under the heavy protective clothing.”The Daily reporter said he was relieved to see the friendly staff.A total of 2,877 athletes from 91 countries and regions are participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics, according to the previous news. All the entry related Olympic personnel and related staff are closed loop management, completely separated from social meetings.(Overseas network wang Shanning) source: Ynet