IPhone 14 Pro kills bangs, 8+1TB debuts for the first time, 12999 can’t run away

2022-06-16 0 By

CINNO Research recently released a report on China’s smartphone market for 2021 (January-December). The smartphone wars of 2021 are officially over, and brands are now actively preparing for the first quarter of 2022.According to the report, OPPO and Vivo are still the top 2 in the market, excluding iQOO and RealMe. Apple is still the third, and Xiaomi only surpassed Apple for a short time in the second and third quarters.However, OV sales are the highest 1000 yuan machine and mid-end machine, that is, 1-3 thousand price segment of mobile phone, and the high-end market is still occupied by Apple, not only Xiaomi, domestic mobile phone high-end road is still difficult ah.So on the overall Numbers, the most profitable or apple, is not only the mobile phone business, its ecology in software and accessories are profiteering, cook is obviously not content with the status quo, apple once again updated iPhone SE series, market positioning in the end, with A15 processor, 3000, in order to compete with millet OV low-end models.In addition to the iPhone SE series, there has been a lot of news about the iPhone 14, which is expected to be unveiled in 2022. Although it won’t be released until September, there are still some hints from Apple’s actions.The biggest change is that Apple will be ditching the “bangs” that have been around since the iPhone X, and instead will have a perforated, double-punched, Face ID on the front in addition to the regular camera function.Don’t know if I could return to Touch ID, because is affected by the outbreak, people go out to all need to wear a mask, face recognition is a problem, so for the screen under the fingerprint technology, can be said to be the apple over the past few years, one of the most functional android has been updated to the seventh generation of optical fingerprint unlocked, is not only fast but also very accurate, the most main is convenient.According to the source, there is no possibility of an under-screen fingerprint for the iPhone 14 series, but a Face ID upgrade is inevitable, which will unlock the device even when wearing a mask.The next problem is whether the whole series of iPhone 14 is equipped with 120Hz refresh rate. IPhone 13 series finally uses high brush, but only the Pro version and Pro Max version have higher price, and the battery is also the biggest upgrade of iPhone 13Pro Max, reaching 4352mAh.It can be said to satisfy all the fanboy’s fantasy, except that there is no pile of 100 watts fast charge.After all, whether it is to swipe apps or play games, the smoothness of high brush screen is higher. Generally, 120Hz is available in Android camp. Is it possible for iPhone 14 to have high brush screen?According to the leaks, the 120Hz LTPO screen is still only available in the Pro version and Pro Max, so next year’s Apple will still be heavily layered, with little change in overall appearance.In fact, friends familiar with Apple know that the focus of the annual press conference is still A series of processors, leading Qualcomm and Mediatek nearly 2 generations of performance, which makes more expectations for A16, but there is no news about this chip.In another big upgrade, both high-profile analysts 𫓹 and rendForce agree that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48-megapixel main camera, as well as a boost in storage from 128GB to 256GB and an upgrade to 8 memoryApple’s expansion of operating memory is to adapt to the huge amount of data and computation of mobile phones, especially android. Some game phones have achieved 18GB, memory upgrade is necessary, which also shows that Apple is in the development and change.If you want a new look, you can still wait for the iPhone 14 series, but the premium version will also be more expensive. There is still a big gap between this year’s iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but from the perspective of cost performance, this year’s iPhone 13 is worth buying.After all, it uses a new V9 architecture. Although it cuts a core, it is still stronger than Snapdragon 8, especially the low power consumption, which is an important factor affecting the user experience.The 256GB price tag is about the same as an Android flagship, but with a smoother, more secure operating system and a more powerful processor, so it makes sense that the iPhone 13 is the best-selling iPhone this year.