Jiangxi female teacher’s baby no one to take care of, brought to school as a “group pet”, not crying not noisy very easy to coax

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Teacher, is a bright career, stable work, there are a lot of holidays, so many people are very envious, especially girls, are very like to be a teacher.However, after becoming the people’s teacher, it means bearing the responsibility, the position of teacher is not so simple as you think, after getting married, work and family can not take into account.Especially female teachers, after the baby will be more powerless, usually back home to prepare lessons, during the day and to do a good job in teaching, often busy.A female teacher in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, had to take her breast-feeding child to school because her mother-in-law had returned home for the Spring Festival.Originally thought that the child will cry will be noisy, did not expect colleagues are very like this child, praised the child is very beautiful, but will be her pet “group pet”.One of the elderly male teachers, a colleague of the female teacher, would gently pick up the baby and coax him to sleep after the female teacher taught.The child, in the hands of a male colleague, was very quiet and easy to coax.The female teacher said: “I was moved to tears when FILMING this video, but I couldn’t adjust the class, so I had to bring the baby to school. Then there was this lovely scene, the kind and kind grandpa, gentle and beautiful girls, all praised the child is very good…Teachers are also parents and have their own families, but in order to do a good job in teaching, in order to improve the results of children, they do not have the time and energy to take care of their children, care about their own home, let a person distressed.Female teacher takes baby to go to work, have oneself be forced of hardship.Her colleagues are not too noisy, but also take the initiative to help her take care of her children, they will understand her difficult, to tell the truth, very touching.It was heartening to see the boy’s eyes filled with love as he turned into a grandfather.This scene not only moved the female teacher to tears, but also moved many netizens.Some people say that it is really important to have a good leader and a good group of colleagues. It must be a lovely school.’It was held very carefully and lovingly,’ said another.Teachers are not easy, worthy of our respect teachers are the guide of the students, but also the example of the students, every move will be the attention of the public.In the cognition of many people, think that teachers work easy, vacation and many, for teachers is not easy to turn a blind eye.For example, the teacher in Jiangxi province had no one to take care of her children because her mother-in-law had not returned home.As a teacher, she has her own teaching work and cannot take good care of her children like ordinary people. It is not easy for her. Empathetic netizens can empathize with her.Previously, a small number of teachers were criticized by netizens for offering paid remedial lessons, or for beating, scolding or corporal punishment on students.We should know that teachers are a huge team, a small number of teachers are not responsible for students, or violations of rules and regulations, does not mean that all teachers are so.We should believe that most teachers are serious and responsible to their students. They are also ordinary people with their own families and difficult sides.For teachers who are serious and responsible, who treat their children like their own children, who can set a good example for their students, and who can’t take care of their family or children for their work.We might as well have more understanding, more respect and support, so that they have full enthusiasm into the teaching work.In the message area of the video, some netizens said that a teacher in their school had a child who was still in lactation. Because the father and grandmother were occupied, no one took care of the child, so they held the child in the office for a whole afternoon. Some parents saw the child and reported it to the Education Bureau.Personally, I think it’s very inappropriate for parents to do this.As long as the teacher doesn’t interfere with teaching because of the children, there’s no need to do this.Besides, teachers are ordinary people who devote a lot of time and energy to their students and teaching.There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your children in between lessons.Do not say the recognition of the teacher is not easy, at least can not give the teacher trouble, do not cold the heart of the teachers.Teachers with children to work, certainly do not want to take their children to school, so do, mainly still can not put their students, also can not put their children, they are really not easy, this needs the school to consider, and give certain convenience.If there are post-natal teachers, the school can also provide more humanistic care and solve some practical difficulties for teachers, such as reserving a room for teachers to feed their children.Let the teachers feel the care of the school, feel the care of the school.If no one takes the teacher’s child, the school can consider giving the teacher a holiday or changing the class, only to solve the teacher’s worries, do not have to worry about their own children, they can feel at ease to do a good job of teaching, not to take their children to work.# Education Listen to me # Interactive topic: no one to take care of children, female teachers take their children to work, colleagues rush to take them, what do you think?I like to share educational content and campus life of students and teachers. 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