Enter oneself for an examination in 2022 horticulturist card how to take an examination of what procedures require overview

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With the rapid development of China’s flower industry and the increasing volume of flower trade, there is a huge demand for professionals.At the same time, with the strategic adjustment of the rural economic structure, the development of efficient agriculture and sightseeing agriculture has gradually risen, and the demand for professional and technical personnel engaged in seedling, flower and bonsai planting has increased year by year, which also facilitates independent entrepreneurship and provides broad entrepreneurial opportunities and development space for commercial flower professionals.The holder can go to star hotels, tourist areas and other units engaged in flower exhibition, wedding and other flower application art work, and go to related enterprises and institutions engaged in landscaping landscape design and maintenance, garden construction management and other work.Teacher Zhou: 181-7083-6121 assessment is divided into theoretical knowledge test and skill operation test.The theoretical knowledge examination is a closed-book written examination, and the skill operation examination is a field practical operation. All of them are subject to the hundred-mark system, and all the scores above 60 are qualified.Comprehensive evaluation is required at the secondary and primary levels.It is said that the comprehensive prosperity of rural economy, accelerate urbanization and a series of economic development strategies, will have a great impact on the structural adjustment of China’s flower and horticulture industry, optimization and upgrading, flower and horticulturist employment prospects are very optimistic.The cultivation of flower horticulturists is relatively lagging behind, and the flower horticulturists with professional qualifications have become the talent for the major flower horticulture companies.Application requirements: 1. Two copies of id card on both sides.2. Diploma.3. A copy of the original professional qualification certificate (if no, it is not necessary to provide).4. Four recent 2-inch color photos on a blue background.5. Relevant professional service certificates (with official seal).Mr. Zhou: The common method of asexual propagation is to take advantage of the regenerative ability of plant vegetative organs by cutting off roots and strong branches and leaves and inserting them into soil or other rooting materials to promote their root germination and growth into new plants.The asexual propagation technology of garden flowers can better promote the growth of plants, so it is necessary to develop this technology in the present planting process.Knowledge of animal and plant quarantine.