College freshmen introduced themselves on stage, mentioning that the college women wear less than more, the audience of men laughed into a mass

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Social bull is a popular term on the Internet. Its full name is “social bull”, a person who speaks well in public, often becomes the center of attention and is the person many people want to be.On the contrary, there is also a word called “social fear”. Simply put, this kind of people are very afraid when they come to social occasions and wish there could be a hole in the ground for them to crawl into. If they are allowed to speak on stage, it is a kind of torture for them, and they can’t speak clearly.Such was the situation when a freshman suffering from “social fear” came on stage to introduce himself. He was nervous and stammering all the way through, and also inappropriately mentioned that the college girls were wearing less, causing the audience to laugh into a group of boys.The boy suffering from “social fear” looks honest and honest, wearing a white T-shirt, looks like a just come from the countryside to the big city university of the poor little boy, let him in the eyes of the students, stage to introduce himself, is really a test.The boy’s self-introduction successfully reflects the problem of “social fear of people” incisively and vividly.At the beginning of the introduction, the boy saw the audience sitting so many students, the mind of the original good words estimated to forget light, all is a blank, very simply to mix up his hometown and name, said: “I called Hebei Handan……”As soon as the boy finished, there was a burst of snickering. The boy realized that he had said something wrong and hurriedly said, “No, I call me call me call…””Social fear of people” the biggest problem “stutter” came out, said repeatedly “I call”, eyes also dare not stare at the audience of the students, this laborious own name and hometown clear: “MY name is Li Songyu, from Hebei Handan!”It’s just that this is the beginning of a social terror, and after that, it’s funny.He said: “Unfortunately…No…It’s an honor to stand on this stage topless with all of you…Not……Open your heart to everyone…Open your heart and introduce yourself like this.”As li Songyu, a freshman, said, his eyes wandered away and he dared not stare at the audience. His eyes blinked constantly, showing the psychological activities that a social terror should have.The climax of the whole self-introduction came later.The boy continued, “Coming to this department of economics and Trade…In the university of Economics and Business, whether it is the street or the supermarket, whether it is the library or the canteen, there are many women and they wear very little!”As soon as he finished, he probably realized that his speech was a little out of place on this occasion and said “No.”However, it was too late, the audience laughed, especially the boys, all laughed into a group, probably Li Songyu put everyone’s voice out.This is to let a “social terror” to speak in public will appear, they will be extremely nervous, even if advance written manuscript, thoroughly familiar with the heart, but, as soon as people in front of the mind will become a blank, what can not remember, even speak not smoothly, stammered.If you want to improvise on the spot, you will be too nervous, and the words you say often don’t mean what you say, which leads to a lot of jokes. Although everyone’s laughter doesn’t mean discrimination at all, it still makes the “social phobia” more nervous, thus entering a cycle.How can we change from “social fear” to “social cow”?I think that’s a goal that a lot of people have on their minds.Actually, it’s not that hard.They want to get good results, but they are afraid of disappointment. A variety of complex emotions are mixed together. Before they start to act, they begin to doubt and deny themselves because of the negative emotions constantly generated in their hearts.To take this step, give yourself more positive psychological cues and reinforce your beliefs.Even if you fail, you will grow and gain valuable experience to prepare for your next social interaction.For example, the university freshman Li Songyu, he is a “social terror”, but bravely stepped onto the platform, did make a lot of jokes, but, it is not a growth, after the accumulation of this experience, the next similar occasions, he will have psychological preparation, complete will be better than this time.When such behaviors are repeated, social fear problems will be overcome one by one, and even if they do not become a “social bull”, they will no longer be afraid of social interaction.I hope everyone can take the first step fearlessly and become a social expert that adults envy.