Ai Fukuhara was threatened by her boyfriend’s ex-wife for a huge amount of compensation and who was lying about the affair

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Although Ai Fukuhara is currently in Singapore, with a new identity to appear in the first WTT Grand Slam tournament, but the Japanese media is really staring at Ai Fukuhara hot pursuit ah, this is the actor’s ex-wife B accepted “Weekly Bunchun” interview, said That Ai Fukuhara is lying.B said she could not forgive Fukuhara for taking her husband, and said she did not threaten Fukuhara for compensation.On March 18 last year, female Seven reported that Fukuhara had A night out with A man who was five years her junior and an employee of A trading company.Fukuhara denied an extramarital affair by saying, A is one of my friends.Fukuhara later divorced her husband, jiang Hongjie, a table tennis player.Mr. A also divorced His wife Mrs. B in early November last year.Soon after, Ai Fukuhara and Mr. A began living together in an apartment owned by Ai Fukuhara.According to fukuhara’s acquaintances, Mr. A married the woman he dated as A student, but was separated at the time (when he and Fukuhara were pictured) and the relationship fell apart.Both parties have “divorce” in common and eventually become friends.However, it is difficult for the two to see each other as they are reported to be suspicious.They say communication has been suspended.Ms B said the allegations were outright lies, saying: “It’s as if Ai Fukuhara started dating him after I divorced him.But at that time, the separation, the relationship broke up, the two people cut off contact, it is a blatant lie.Not only that, ms B is said to have contacted Fukuhara after reading the report.’I told Fukuhara that the problems between my husband and wife were not true, so I wanted to change the story,’ Ms. B said.I hope not.It gets out, it gets overheated, people get caught up in it and so on.In the end, Fukuhara suggested a “trouble fee”.After that, Fukuhara called and proposed the amount of 1 million yen for the trouble.Fukuhara ai on the one hand put forward the amount, but on the other hand has not changed the attitude of weekly magazine reports.There was also a lot of incoherence in the December report, and words and deeds were not sincere.On top of this, Ms. B judged that the communication between individuals was meaningless, so she deliberately delivered an unreasonable amount of 50 million yen to the other party (this was kept as evidence).Finally, the conversation ended with a discussion about the future of contact through surrogates and the future of not communicating personally at all.The management office of Ai Fukuhara said: “Ms. B of your company contacted the client (Ai Fukuhara) repeatedly from last year before she provided the information to your company. She mentioned that if she did not want to be leaked by bunchun magazine, she would pay 50 million yen.It’s clear That Ms. B is using your company as a means of intimidation.On the other hand, the lawyer representing Ms. B said: Ms. B strongly wishes to correct the facts.Ms. B did not threaten to “sell it to a weekly magazine,” and demanding a correction is not a crime.Fukuhara s claim is groundless and damages B s reputation.Ms B said the experience was full of sad memories.From the explanation of “one of my friends,” Fukuhara lies from an influential standpoint.I was confused about the initial affair, and in no way blamed Fukuhara.However, it was unilaterally distorted in its report in December last year and could not bear the reply.I think it’s so dishonest, just full of sad memories.However, the talk of a 1 million yen harassing fee turned into a case of intimidation involving the police.Ai Fukuhara had posted on March 8, “To be an iron woman, graduation porcelain doll.”After Ai Fukuhara released the work according to, and said to do what like what the most powerful!It also got good wishes from netizens.But obviously, it’s hard to start a new life with no distractions.