168 hours, there is a guard called The British and German public security!

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While the lunar New Year holiday is over some people still coming some people have the Spring Festival is wanjiadenghuo street, the warmth of family reunion moments when the streets are filled with the smell of the Spring Festival when families are immersed in a festival and peaceful Germany with new vision of public security, as always, stick to German city public security bureau in advance planning on jobs, deployment,We have comprehensively strengthened social security management and security work, and all the civil auxiliary police have always been on the front line to maintain the peace and stability of the social order in their jurisdiction and ensure that the people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.The leaders visited the civilian auxiliary police on duty, supervised the implementation of the rotating duty + regular large-scale patrol, and woven a dense safety protection network to enhance the sense of security of the masses.Traffic jams will be eliminated and smooth, and traffic regulation will be carried out. Traffic will be relieved by standing guard on sections prone to traffic jams, and regular inspections and regulation will be carried out on key sections to create a safe and smooth holiday travel environment.Anti-fraud propaganda does not stop, keep the people’s money bags, safe and happy New Year.We will crack down on illegal activities and hidden dangers to safeguard social stability.Crack down on illegal acts of fireworks, eliminate potential safety hazards, create a good public environment and atmosphere, and build a “beautiful Britain and Germany”.Stick to the post “do not close”, serve the people “do not stop”, warm heart help in the side.Three hundred and sixty-five days every day and night, no matter when you can see or not, the British and German police are always by your side. I wish you all peace and happiness