POWER assist, FUN time

2022-06-14 0 By

Do you lie down on weekends?Team up to hack?Or watch variety shows?There are different ways to stay at home instead of enjoying the FUN weekend!Let the kei GS3 POWER strong assists to choose high I love enjoy comfortable life style, appearance level giants LingYunYi 3.0 dynamic front grille design, avant-garde fashion aircraft front fog lamps and deep starship headlamps is focused on the eyes, cool appearance giants, defined by your high-tech, strength enjoy intelligent a safe journey, one can intelligent voice assistant,Call Trumpchi once enough fun travel, pick there are also a large number of music library, you can choose with high-end technology double large screen at any time open the feast of audio and visual happy double high style, appearance level Trumpchi the third generation 270T engine maximum torque 265N·m, the highest power 124kW 100 km acceleration only 8.7s free travel,Flying self equipped with aixin 6AT gearbox smoothly switch, the process is free and full of POWER, natural and unrestrained enjoy a wave of FUN weekend, it is necessary to enjoy POWER GS3 POWER market guide price: 78800 yuan from pick free life, is now!